Ashland, oregon chamber of commerce anoxic brain injury

Event type: mind, body, spirit starts: 6:30 PM ends: 8:30 PM contact dawn lemanne, MD contact phone: 541-282-4568 details:

On thursday, september 7, 6:30 PM the havurah hosts dr. Dawn lemanne for a talk to learn how simple breathing of pure oxygen at high pressure may help in certain cases of dementia, chronic fatigue syndrome, side effects of cancer treatment, etc. Free and open to all. Call 541-282-4568 for more info.

The public is invited to attend to learn how simple breathing of pure oxygen at high pressure may help in certain cases of dementia, chronic fatigue syndrome, side effects of cancer treatment, anoxic brain injury, traumatic brain injury, fibromyalgia, crohn”s disease, lyme, macular degeneration, chronic pain, diabetic foot ulcers, certain forms of stroke, central retinal artery occlusion, chronic bone infections, and other conditions.Anoxic brain injury

dr. Dawn lemanne and other physicians from the new hyperbaric oxygen treatment center of southern oregon, opening in september right here in ashland, will discuss how the revolutionary healing powers of hyperbaric oxygen therapy can upgrade your health. Up until now, patients in southern oregon had to visit a hospital for hyperbaric oxygen treatments, often referred to as HBOT, to heal their diabetic foot wounds, delayed radiation injuries, bone infections (osteomyelitis), failed skin grafts, and other chronic ailments. This month, hyperbaric oxygen treatment center of southern oregon (the center) is opening its independent HBOT site in ashland, oregon. The center will be theâ firstâ non-hospital HBOT clinic in the area dedicated to providing this natural, non-invasive treatment in medical-grade hyperbaric chambers.Anoxic brain injury as a non-hospital provider, the center offers HBOT at a fraction of the cost of hospitals, which is particularly important in an era of high deductibles, co-insurance, and hospital copays. The center is co-directed by oncologist dawn lemanne, MD, MPH, who also serves as medical director of oregon integrative oncology, and surgeon B. Monte stewart, MD, director of bear creek surgical center. On the opening of the center, dr. Lemanne states, we are thrilled to bring this cutting-edge, natural medical technology to ashland and the surrounding areas. HBOT is an important addition to the traditional and alternative medical landscape that has developed in the region. The center is working closely with scott sherr, MD, an experienced HBOT physician with practices in the san francisco bay area and new york metro region known as hyperbaric medical solutions (www.Hmshbot.Com).Anoxic brain injury dr. Sherr, who also serves as the vice chairman of communication, marketing, and media at the international hyperbaric medical association, adds, the science of HBOT is simple – patients breathe pure oxygen at increased atmospheric pressure to dramatically enhance and expedite healing. Every cell in the body needs oxygen to preserve, repair, and enhance cellular function, and HBOT supercharges these cells by exponentially increasing the oxygen carrying capacity of blood. A unique aspect of the center is its ability to help a broader range of patients than hospital HBOT units. unlike hospitals, which are restricted by various charters, the center can treat conditions approved by the FDA, such as diabetic wounds and other arterial insufficiencies, delayed radiation injury, and others, as well as offer treatment for certain off-label conditions where emerging research supports the use of HBOT.Anoxic brain injury such conditions include anoxic brain injury, traumatic brain injury and post-concussion syndrome, certain forms of stroke, multiple sclerosis, lyme disease, reflex sympathetic dystrophy, cancer synergy, and others. Hyperbaric oxygen treatment center of southern oregon is located at 1801 highway 99 north in ashland, oregon. It accepts many commercial insurance plans as well as medicare. Please visit www.OregonHBOT.Com or call 541-282-4568, for more information.