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Stereotypes suck, don’t they?

From personal observation when I was in school, I noticed no correlation. Then again, there were so few ‘bigger’ kids that it’s kind of a small sample size. I’d say the same things about the adults I know now, but it seems a bit more ‘scientific’ thinking of my school years since we were clearly separated based on intellect level.

Keep in mind that there are other intelligence stereotypes, too.

– blonde and dumb.

– (athlete)(soldier) and dumb. I was in the military for 13 years; that one is alive and well. I’m also a big sports fan, and it seems to blow peoples’ minds when a millionaire athlete is actually well-spoken and has good grammar.

– redneck with a drawl from rural tennessee and dumb.Anoxia meaning in hindi

– extroverted party animal and dumb, since all intellects are surely introverted, bespectacled and shy

– asian and smart.

– (indian/muslim/anyone-with-brown-skin-and-different-clothes) and smart.

I believe that whatever small amount of truth there is to these stereotypes,the socioeconomic factors far outweigh (pardon the pun) a possible genetic link to storing body fat more readily.

No doubt fat people have to work harder and develop better personality traits. Does that make them seem smarter? I suppose maybe.

That’s kind of the point of the question though. If people perceive you one way does that change how you grow? Sure. No more baby research assistant and one more fully operational death star of a researcher.Anoxia meaning in hindi

There is definitely a comprehension misfire in these responses. The original question posed has NOTHING TO DO WITH PERCEPTION OR STEREOTYPES. Perception and stereotyping was NOT in question, the question presented was do obese individuals have a higher I.Q.?

It is my opinion that intelligence is too complex to be measured and an obese individual probably does not possess any more of an intellectual advantage over an underweight or average weighted person. Moreover, what if the individual who is now considered by medical standards to be obese, may well have already had an advanced level of intelligence prior to extreme weight gain, which could have stemmed from a chemical imbalance, compulsory eating disorder, depression, anxiety, polyphagia (extreme hunger; a symptom of diabetes), and a few others.Anoxia meaning in hindi

In short, joe blow or susie salad could have already been a smart cookie before they became obese. No, obese people come in all levels of intelligence. They are not a select group of savants. They are just one of us.

That’s all.

Inflammabl: thank you.

Pazia: I think what you are seeing is, if not just a coincidentally select group you’ve run into (it might be, you know), simply the results of a degree of compensation for cultural adaptation. They’re no more intelligent than any other group, I imagine, they just might be in a situation, due to their size, where it’s slightly more apparent.

Much like the fat girls who are so funny (SHE HAS SUCH A GREAT PERSONALITY) or brash — both of those, while traits one might find in anybody of course, are not uncommon adaptive (defensive) personality elements for the obese.Anoxia meaning in hindi

People often focus on what they ‘can’ do well. At one time I focused on martial arts and rock guitar and singing and how I looked in leather and later, when I was unusually suddenly about 200# overweight, after getting over the suicidal impulse and having to radically revise my plans for my life, I focused on what was left — mostly work, but also tons of (sedentary it so happens) personal interests. I wouldn’t do it again voluntarily but even I had to admit that I was a lot less shallow once I got over myself. 😆

I spent a lot more time reading and thinking and writing after I got fat that I hadn’t spent before because I’d been having a life to a much greater degree then — in the typical way people think of that — far more social behavior.Anoxia meaning in hindi I became more of an intellectual after.

My intelligence did not increase in the slightest, probably. It’s even possible that with declining health (the size reflected) it might have been worse. But my focus on the more cerebral, rather than physical, category of things in life did change. I was decently bright before but that wasn’t really what people most noticed or remembered about me. Once I got very fat, though, I think it was. Maybe that is simply because it had less competition from other positive qualities, once the ‘negative’ element of social-response-to-fat took up front and center.

Fwiw. Who knows!


It’s hard to discuss the question without throwing insults or stereotypes around. So, if you’ll all bear with me, ima try my darnest best to avoid doing so while still providing some insights, I hope.Anoxia meaning in hindi

Taubes said it best: obesity is a disorder of excess fat accumulation. It’s a disorder, not normal. The implication is that when all is normal, we’re lean.

What is smarts? Well, smarts can be defined in several ways. The first one starts just with the brain. Smarts is the brain, the brain is a biological organ, it follows that it should work best when all is normal. Or, smarts is the ability to solve a problem. Or, smarts is the actual performance in theoretical tests. Or, smarts is the ability to learn new things. Or, smarts is the ability to remember stuff. Or, smarts is the ability to cut through all the BS and find the genuine honest-to-goodness facts. Or, (insert your own definition of smarts).Anoxia meaning in hindi

So, in no particular order, for example when all is normal applies to both smarts and obesity, whereby we should expect both best smarts and best leanness when all is in fact normal. Or, if we use the no-BS definition of smarts, most of us on this forum have developed this ability thoroughly, especially when it applies to diet/obesity/health, especially when compared to let’s say jillian michaels for example. And if we take a quick look at who are the obesity experts we respect, almost all of them have had to face the same problem personally. They had incentive, they found a genuine solution. Necessity is the mother of invention, they say. This illustrates well the problem-solving definition of smarts.Anoxia meaning in hindi however, here it’s impossible to determine smarts before the problem occurs, so we can’t say fat people are smarter just because they’re the ones who prefer low-carb.

Then there’s the idea that smarter people are more successful or leaner or better in any other endeavor we can imagine. That’s not strictly true. Smarts and success don’t actually track. That’s because of the principle of smart enough. Here goes. If you’re smart enough to do A, B, and C, and if it takes A, B, and C to make a million bucks, you’ll be just as rich as the next guy who’s also smart enough, or if you prefer, you must be at least as smart as the other guy who also made a million bucks that way. Being 2x or 10x smarter won’t give you 2 or 10 millions bucks.Anoxia meaning in hindi but if you are smart enough to do A, B, and C, you’re also probably smart enough to realize that if you did it once to get 1 million bucks, you can get 2 million bucks by doing A, B, and C again. I bet no matter how smart (or how dumb) you think you are, you understood what I just said.

This idea of smart enough comes from a guy malcolm gladwell in his book outliers. Basically, success in anything doesn’t track with smarts because success doesn’t depend on smarts, it depends on circumstances. Specifically, opportunity and support. Conversely, lack of success depends on missed opportunities or obstacles blocking those opportunities and lack of support. Let’s take my experience as an example. I had the opportunity to surf the web for information on my problem, much more information than I would have had access to without a computer, and this computer was provided to me by support from different sources.Anoxia meaning in hindi see? I didn’t need to be any smarter than the next guy with a computer. I just needed to be smart enough to capitalize on this enormous access to information and the opportunity to get a computer for cheap. The threshold for smarts in this endeavor is actually pretty low.

To stick with the question of are obese people smarter, we could say those who prefer low-carb must be smart enough since low-carb does indeed do what it does better than other alternatives. But then we could say the same about lean people who also prefer low-carb. But then again we could also say we prefer low-carb just cuz it tastes better so it’s got nothing to do with smarts. We still don’t have a clear answer to the question.Anoxia meaning in hindi

Let’s go back to that when all is normal thing that’s common to both obesity and the brain. It’s not the end of it, there’s more, cuz we know more. For example, we now know it’s possible to be lean yet suffer from some brain disorder. If I use my paradigm, I can explain the relationship between fat tissue and the brain through hormones and cell receptors and stuff like that. It’s also possible to be obese yet suffer no brain disorder at all. Since obesity is a problem that needs a solution, and since smarts depends mostly on the brain, it follows that those most likely to find that solution are those who are both obese and without brain disorders.

Then there’s this thing that happens when we initially go low-carb.Anoxia meaning in hindi well, it happened to me anyways. I got smarter. Since I’m nobody special, ima say it must happen to everybody who goes low-carb, it’s what I expect to happen. Remember I said smarts can be defined in several ways? Well, I don’t mean to say I suddenly became a genuises. Instead, everything I did before, I could now do better. So, I could remember things more accurately, follow a train of thought more deeply, focus on an idea for longer, get back to the original idea that spawned the train of thought more quickly and more clearly, and so forth. Here’s the kicker. I went low-carb during a period when I must have been less smart. I didn’t have to be smarter, I only had to be smart enough.

And so, ima take a position on this.Anoxia meaning in hindi obese people must be more likely to get smarter. It’s the best I can do.

It’s been said that it’s impossible to eat enough fat and protein to fatten, as people just can’t eat that much of those two nutrients, in the absence of carbs. But one can eat thousands of calories, when carbs are a high proportion of the diet. So it would seem to be a safe bet that obese people became that way by eating a high carb diet. And a high carb diet leads to brain fog.

We are all adaptive, though, so even with the chronic brain fog, we appear to be functioning normally.

I was in an auto accident a year and a half ago. I was already grain free and fairly low carb at the time, so the brain fog of concussion was a shock to me, as well as the other issues I’ve dealt with since.Anoxia meaning in hindi

But once the initial, most severe symptoms eased, it wasn’t till I started chowing on dried fruit last winter, that I had the same feeling of huh? What was I doing?

I have always been smart enough, no matter what I was eating. But, especially in the aftermath of a brain injury, the effects of a high (or even slightly higher) carb diet were clear in how much they exacerbated the issues I was having.