Anxiety Panic Attack – Heart Started Racing anxiety meaning in hindi symptoms

So I started freaking out anxiety attack meaning in tamil real bad around 6:50 PM, I couldn’t breathe and I started panicking my heart started racing and there’s weird pains radiating from my shoulders to my chest, the pain isn’t super bad, and it’s fleeting, but I’m scared because it’s now 8:37 PM and i’m still having breathing trouble, chest pain and the weird hot and stiff feeling. Am I going to die? I don’t want to call the ambulance again because I was hospitalized on the 12th for a bad panic attack, I was given more ativan and sent home, I was a-ok for the remainder. I also got a prescription for 0.25 milligrams of xanax, but have yet to get it. I’m just scared about my breathing and pain and tingling mixed with weird head symptoms.

I feel like the heart attack is coming..

As I’m writing this, I’m shivering, trembling, feeling weight down. My chest feels heavy and I have trouble breathing. My senses are all on alert and my frightened. Am I having a panic attack? How long does it last? I have a sharp pain in my head that’s coming and going. I hate this feeling. Has anyone experience this. View 8 replies cannabis addiction :: panic attacks and A racing heart 24/7

I have been smoking weed anxiety attack cure everyday now for 7 years, but total of 16 years, it started off only at night so I could sleep but in the last 2 years it’s been all day everyday. I have been having panic attacks, and my heart will never stop racing even when I don’t smoke. Iv have been saying for weeks I’m going to quit and the very next day a friend calls and off I go, I have told all my friends that quitting is my goal but I will always smoke just only maybe 2-3 times a year, and if I like my sober state, then I don’t have to really. I just want to get my life back together, if I look back it has been a mess for a long time and I smoke to forget my day and relax, but I think it has backfired. Anyone ever go trough this or know the best thing to do? View 6 replies anxiety :: constant panic attack feeling but no panic?

I used to suffer from panic attacks but don’t really get them no more anoxic brain damage icd 10 (only after alcohol)… 3 nights ago I did drink (a lot) and I had the classic panic symptoms but not the actual attack… The reason why I didn’t have the actual attack was (I think) I took a friend’s anxiety pills (propranolol) I had 1 x 10 mg two days ago and 1x10mg yesterday I havnt took one today because they haven’t helped me at all… Now I’m just stuck with (what I can describe) just the build up to a panic attack but no panic… I feel I have butterflies constantly in my stomach from anxiety symptoms cure worry but I don’t know what I am worried about… I feel like this feeling will never go and that there is nothing that can help me has anybody ever experienced this? Also I am aware (now) of the dangers of taking unprescribed drugs I only did this because I felt this was my only option. I only took two pills I should be ok to stop taking the propranolol right? View 8 replies cannabis – had A panic attack, heart sinking and throat was closing up

Freaked me out and my husband ran me to the er. But we are in a state where it is legal to smoke marijuana so didn’t get in any trouble but it was scary as hell to b 27 and think that u are going to die cause it felt like my throat was closing up. I just want to know why if i have smoked so much weed in my life a panic attack hypoxic brain injury mri images would start so many years later. Anyone have this answer for me? View 1 replies panic attack while driving? Slamming heart and shaking legs

So..My daughter wanted to go shopping. I felt a little blah, tightness in chest before we left. A light was changing from yellow to red, and i made a very fast right hand turn so i wouldn’t be stuck at a dreaded red light. After the turn I felt a burning in my stomach that quickly spread throughout my whole body. I glanced in the mirror and was bright red..Had to pull over. Heart started slamming and so fast…Legs shaking. Opened the door, and got out to get air..Telling myself im ok, im ok as my daughter sat there ( really sad) 20 mins later and heart slowed enough to drive and here i am. Daughter very angry and confused. Cold feeling in my arms, headache and a slight burning in chest and exhausted. Feeling guilty. Although i feel i managed ok…And made it through anxiety attack nausea…Ehh…Feel bad. Does this even sound like a panic attack? View 1 replies panic attack – heart beating fast and shaking – squeezing my head

I’ve recently been given trimethoprim for water infection i also take citalopram 1st time i took this antibiotic had racing heart and anxiety 2nd day same again and jittery feeling light headed and weak went back to drs told 2 stop taking them as they might affect the dosage of citalopram it is just like having withdrawal symptoms not very nice as any 1 ad same reactions. View 4 replies anxiety :: heart palpitations and the feeling of heart attack

Hi for about separation anxiety disorder icd 10 8 weeks now i have been having what feels like heart palpitations,i have visited my gp and 2 said they thought i was having panic attacks and 1 thought a stomach ulcer i have ended up in hospital twice due to me going light headed feeling sick and having numbness down both arms and racing heart both times i was watching tv when it happened! Its driving me insane i have had 3 ECG’s all came back normal i sometimes have pain in my left shoulder or in my upper back around shoulder blades or in my upper stomach both sides, i have sat and taken my pulse when it happens but my heart rate doesn’t seem to change, i have another appointment with the doctor on monday but feel like im being laughed at and not listened to! View 2 replies anxiety :: headaches – racing heart and migraine

Over the past year and a half, I have been struggling with headaches every other day. I also generalized anxiety disorder dsm 5 definition have been having a racing heart, but not as often. Once a month or so. I’ve been to a PT, massage therapist, a headache specialist, and a chiropractor. My chiropractor thinks it is from stress, but when I am visibly stressed – I don’t get a headache. I was thinking it was from something that I am eating, but I cannot find a common pattern in my food diaries. Maybe gluten or dairy? Or is it really stress what is anoxic ischemic encephalopathy??

I’m 15, I started smoking weed around december. I smoked every weekend, and I woke smoke 2 – 4 joints at a time. I continued to do it until around april, when I stopped because every time I smoked I would get anxiety and my heart would race. At the time, i didn’t let it bother me because I believed it was normal. I quit 3 weeks ago, and I have been having signs of depersonalization and anxiety. My heart has been beating very fast and hard for the past 48 hours, and I had an anxiety attack last night. View 7 replies (age 25-34) pregnancy :: does anyone else have anxiety or A panic attack disorder?

I’m going to do endoscopy tomorrow, i’m so panic i cant sleep, its like im getting panic attack one by one, im terrified nanoxia deep silence 4 review if i have a stomach cancer and im panic about risks of endoscopy if someone had cancer and if i use dat instrument of endoscopy i will have cancer too oh omg n list is going i know they r realy stupid thought but still they r on mind i’m 24 years old how was your experience? View 16 replies anxiety :: panic attack on plane during flying

Two weeks ago I was on a plane on the way back from our holiday when I had what I now realise was a panic attack lasting 3/4 hours. As soon as I got on the plane I felt like I was going to faint and spent the whole flight trying not to pass out. I have flown many times and am not scared. A couple of days later I went into a shop and nearly passed out, I wasn mental anxiety meaning in english’t anxious beforehand at all. Over the next 2 weeks every time I go into a building such as a shop or dentist etc I panic and feel the need to get out. I’m so scared of this feeling, I’ve never had it before although I have always struggled with depression. I took prednisolone whilst away for a skin condition and wondered if this may have contributed? How can I suddenly become like this or is it the same for most people, fine one minute, then it just happens view 13 replies anxiety :: panic attack – fear of vomiting