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Once in a while, there comes a book which compels you to read and anxiety test free re-read it because there is so much more to it anxiety test free than what is visible on paper. “from an-other land: making home in the land of dreams” by author tanushree ghosh is one such book which made anxiety test free me ponder, wonder and surrender to peel its layers and read between anxiety test free the lines. The theme of the book is all the more relevant anxiety test free in today’s times post the 2016 US elections.

Given the chance, would you be ready to immigrate? A majority would probably answer ‘yes’. Yet, immigrants are looked at with either contempt or segregation and anxiety test free rarely compassion, in their motherland and abroad.

Post the 2016 US elections, the rhetoric is further reverberating. From cancellation of refugee protection, zero tolerance and undercurrent crackdown on H visas to racism, profiling and discrimination—the resurgence of nationalism is hitting the globalised population head-on. But what is immigration today? A question of life or death. A fleeing of persecution. A compulsion. Or a mere pursuance of privilege. And, what is USA today, especially for indians? From an-other land is a reality check and an emotional guide anxiety test free for anyone who wants to understand modern-day immigration to USA.

When my husband and I were in australia on a anxiety test free long term IT project, he was keen to settle down there whereas I wanted anxiety test free to return to india. My kith and kin were quite surprised that I was anxiety test free blissfully letting go of an opportunity to live abroad. But, I always had only one thing to say – “everything is great here but it does not feel like anxiety test free home.”

My elder brother is in the US with his family anxiety test free for many years now and they have all obtained their anxiety test free american citizenship as well. Though we have never spoken about this subject openly, but I am aware that they feel a sense of anxiety test free belonging there and are pretty much content with their lives anxiety test free in the american land. Hence, I do understand and relate to the essence of this anxiety test free wonderful book which is a collection of short stories told anxiety test free from the point of view of varied characters.

As a creative writing mentor, one concern most parents come up to me with is anxiety test free “my child does not read”. Honestly, when I probe further, I discover in most cases that either the child has anxiety test free not really been encouraged to read much during the formative anxiety test free years or has not been exposed to his/her choice of reading material/books. We live in times when kids cannot have a gadget anxiety test free free childhood. So, to get them to choose reading activity over indulging in anxiety test free alluring gadgets would require some effort and patience on the anxiety test free part of the parents as well as teachers. Reading has to be made fun for them and one anxiety test free of the ways adults can achieve this is by giving anxiety test free them the right things to read. By “right” things, I do not mean a set of standard list of anxiety test free books or magazines or newspapers but something that the child anxiety test free can connect to and take pleasure in.

Having worked with children closely for a while now, I strongly recommend that they subscribe to a children’s newspaper as this helps inculcate reading habits in them anxiety test free while keeping them abreast of the happenings in the world anxiety test free at the same time. Once they get accustomed to reading the newspaper, they have something to look forward to on a regular anxiety test free basis. If you are on the lookout for an appropriate child’s newspaper which is the right balance of fun and anxiety test free awareness, “ news shuttle” would definitely be a great option for you to explore.

News shuttle is a bi-monthly children’s newspaper meant for kids aged 6-14 years with the intent to engage kids with fun, safe and empowering news. I read a couple of their editions along with my anxiety test free students and we thoroughly enjoyed soaking ourselves in it. Not only did this enhance their general awareness but we anxiety test free also ended up having constructive discussions on the topics we anxiety test free read about.

Time and again, I have mentioned in my blogs about how by giving anxiety test free back to the society, we actually end up giving much more to ourselves. It may be called social service but I see it anxiety test free as something we ought to do, because who else will? We don’t realize that what we spread around stays in our anxiety test free milieu and impacts us too. The issues plaguing our society are often viewed by us anxiety test free from a third-party perspective, as if we live in a bubble untouched and unfazed. The heartening news is that quite a few people do anxiety test free realize this and are going out of their way to anxiety test free do their bit for the betterment of the world. There are also those who want to contribute but are anxiety test free clueless about where to begin. Honestly, no step is small or big as it adds to anxiety test free the iterative process of bringing about a change, which one day becomes a revolution. I remember when I was volunteering with an NGO as anxiety test free a counselor during the rehabilitation process of human trafficking survivors, a staff member from the organization had lamented that there anxiety test free are many who are willing to donate money to them, but very few are able to give time which is anxiety test free something they are in desperate need of always.

Today, I am proud to share the story of a foundation anxiety test free which is growing from strength to strength each day to anxiety test free make a difference in the lives of our only hope anxiety test free – our future generation. Founded in mumbai in 2012 by anubha sharma and beenaa anxiety test free advani, angel xpress foundation (AXF) is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated towards empowering underprivileged and slum dwelling children anxiety test free through education, mentoring, values and life skills lessons, and career guidance. Their vision is to create a balanced and compassionate society anxiety test free and what started as a small project with 18 children anxiety test free in 2012, today supports 1900 slum children at 17 locations across the anxiety test free city via a strong volunteer team of 500 members. They have inspired many from different walks of life to anxiety test free join them in their endeavour to address socio-economic inequities and generate awareness and a sense of empathy anxiety test free and responsibility in the citizens.

Years back, when I was in the third year of my engineering anxiety test free degree course, I got introduced over the phone to a close friend’s roommate. We clicked instantly, or so it seemed to me then. Soon, we began to have lengthy conversations on our nokia 3315 anxiety test free mobile handsets (don’t think any of the handsets today can beat the anxiety test free durability and robustness of that one). Because mobile phone technology was a new invention at that anxiety test free point, we usually waited for the “happy hours” which began at 11 PM as otherwise incoming and outgoing anxiety test free SMS/call charges were high enough to create a hole in anxiety test free our modest pockets.

We were not in a relationship. Maybe I had a crush on him, but I cherished the friendship more than anything else and anxiety test free enjoyed our late night tête-à-tête. We decided to meet up one day at a renowned anxiety test free coffee shop in the city. We met. The atmosphere was warm but he was cold. I left after an hour, bewildered and disappointed. The calls stopped after that and when I tried to anxiety test free reach out a couple of times, I was told by his girlfriend – about whom he never told me earlier – that he was busy and would get back. That never happened. I got the message. Weeks later, I learnt from our mutual friend that he was put anxiety test free off by the acne breakout on my skin and could anxiety test free not continue to flirt with an ugly-looking girl. “but we were not flirting! What about the friendship?”- I protested in my head. “but I am not ugly just because of my acne”- I didn’t protest. I was not beautiful, I accepted. It did prick for a moment but I moved on. Life moved on. Having been blessed with a chilled out demeanour and the anxiety test free immense love of family and friends all my life, I never had self-esteem and confidence issues because of my looks. But, I never considered myself beautiful for the longest time.

Ahana is a 33 year old modern woman from new anxiety test free delhi who is struggling to come to terms with her anxiety test free divorce. The toxic relationship has impacted her deeply, and just when she begins to pick up the pieces anxiety test free and move on, tragedy strikes again. She loses the most important person in her life who anxiety test free has always been her anchor in times of distress – her mother. Her life seems to be in shambles, and in order to escape it all, she takes up the responsibility of spearheading a feminist conference anxiety test free in new orleans.

Two men enter her life at this vulnerable juncture and anxiety test free while one of them seems to be a friend she anxiety test free can open up to, she feels offended by the other’s bawdy sense of humour and ostensibly flirtatious demeanour. But, are people always the way they appear to be? Does the grief-stricken and distraught ahana unearth the vigour from within to anxiety test free trust and love again? And most importantly, can ahana break free from the gloomy labyrinths she feels anxiety test free caged in as a survivor of sexual violence? What works realistic and relatable characters

I was mighty impressed with the way the author has anxiety test free fleshed out each character in the novel. They not just contribute significantly to the plot but are anxiety test free convincingly portrayed. In ahana, the author has created a protagonist who will make you anxiety test free experience a myriad of emotions just by the way she anxiety test free is. You will find yourself rooting for her, cheering for her, shedding tears with her and smiling with her. She could be anyone you know. And while the story is narrated from her perspective, you get to know as much about every other character anxiety test free in the tale. They are the kind of people we meet in our anxiety test free daily lives, bringing their own unique flavour to the novel.