Another Mass Outbreak Of Consensual Ignorance Exist Ants can anxiety panic attacks cause high blood pressure

Waiting!?! Ever a complimentary dish of the side of the smorgasbord of life. Self narrative attempting to determine who is worth knowing and hypoxic anoxic brain injury recovery who to avoid. The crossword puzzle posing too many unanswered questions of existence and what defines it. What indeed is more thrilling at this age? Sticking it in? Or wrapping your arms around it with the hope that it will be reciprocated? Two other old gray beards currently populating this coffee shop’s otherwise empty room totally absorbed in the criss of cross. My own outside melts like candle wax while the inside continues to protest a theory signs of hypoxic brain injury of continuous youth. The space frames keep rising up into the atmosphere. The occupants seemingly congealed out of thin air.

I seem guilty of the superficial rigors of advancing age and so a strongly declaim!! The bigger the carat stone int he setting upon the third finger the greater the solemn lifetime promise of needless self-sacrifice offered hypoxic brain injury mri images int he face of endless trivial spousal material whims. Divorce lawyers get ready and on your mark! A short version of a once svelte two-legged trophy now growing older and fatter enters. Features, all beach blond alabaster in dead black glad rags of the latest fashion of the moment covering hips growing as wide as the wide missouri at flood stage anxiety attack cure. Timid as a lamb for all this superficial flash. Long coat wrapping those douty hips. How irrevocably human we must all become separation anxiety disorder icd 10! I, like goethe’s faust, must pay for my wisdom in tiny packets of hell. Emasculated males feeling the need to chirp out publicly non-stop their endless driveling chatter applying themselves to all topics feminine. Men, hold their tongues. This coffee shops a circus view of humanity on parade from the petting zoo.

“A common enemy”, the counter sweet boy proclaims hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy in adults icd 10 code. That’s how ‘fags’ think! That government ‘ big mama‘ socialism was made especially for them and keep them safe from all comers. What a joke! A quiet measured perfectly well-ordered little life. Toys laid out in practiced rational positions stifling the spontaneity of chaos within. Every little perk required from her handy trick bag at hand. A coward’s path assuring little possibility of longevity past nanoxia project s build one’s over insulated youth. Oh sure! I look into other faces and see what I want to see. My own convenient little coward’s game of my own making. I’ve worked hard to make a place for myself outside society and humanity as an outsider. The computer is used to normalize through encouraging one’s personal distortions to take root. Music to soothe nanoxia ncore retro aluminium the beast but not savage enough! Still alive in crumb covered ashes scattered across what causes anoxic encephalopathy misbegotten hopes never ever realized. Springboard on bathroom tissue covered trampolines practicing the most reliable self-imposed daily fictions. Reality, the handmaiden of someone else’s life.

Glassy stares traded of nebulous ambitions shared by those for the moment being placed in charge. Artist in waiting for a field anxiety attack meaning in tamil of expert endeavor with absolutely no experience beyond hot air bullshitting. And what of the young woman that one day knows that she will be chubby? A little white brother of SJW training embraces his ghetto raised black guide. Phony bullshit traded all around within this P.C torture chamber. The piano anxiety meaning in marathi player is anorexic. One big skeletal supported matrix of visible muscles dedicated to musical performance. Her art fully adapted a century to late to accompanying silent films in the dime museums of former times. So many ‘ mother may I’s‘ and similar such novenas currently going on in the wings. All must pay the karmic price as suggested by the uncountable number of torn holes over kneecap style struck jeans. The black boy in the corner guarding the gap wanting to be loved and demanding hugs from all passing milk toast male ‘incels’. Never asleep for the possibility of getting his big salami sized mental anxiety meaning in english limp black dick in any female white. So many surrounding these displays wanting to sink into their own fatal patheticness. Old two-legged female toys fussing about like lifetime registered generalized anxiety disorder dsm 5 definition perpetual motion machines. No one to take any of these moral cowards over their knee and hand out a much deserved thorough spanking!

What is there to look forward to after this display beyond green line ghetto infested insanity of compulsive acting out practicing insanity before anyone within their sight. “ dynomyte!“, screeching falsetto negro fags stumbling up and down the aisles laden with mentholated dollar apiece ‘square anoxia vs hypoxia’. This faction of perpetually angry blacks demanding obeisance! An equality in enforcing a universal sense of politically dumbed down consensus based ignorance.