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difference between hypoxia and anoxia

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difference between hypoxia and anoxia


Hi everyone

Last week I learned about an amazing breast cancer survivor hayley brown. Hayley has had breast cancer twice and has experienced a unique breast cancer treatment journey. Hayley has also gone on to start up an incredible health clinic in kapiti new zealand. Thanks hayley for the interview.

Hayley can be contacted on NZ (04) 298 6158 and by email hayley@healthevolution.Co.Nz

Their website is about to go live http://www.Healthevolution.Co.Nz/

X andrea about hayley

Prior to breast cancer I had spent the previous twenty-five years of my life working as an interior designer. I can still remember the day I was diagnosed. My partner was driving me to the consultation with the breast surgeon because I had to make a hundred phone calls.Difference between hypoxia and anoxia I was full on into my career. I actually thought I was going to the clinic to discuss a common ‘cyst’. You could have knocked me over with a feather when the specialist said that I needed a full mastectomy “now”quickly followed by chemotherapy and radiation. That was the day my life, as I knew it, ceased to be. Hayley me and breast cancer

I didn’t drink, smoke or abuse my health in any way. I did ten hours of yoga per week and lived with a nutritionist. How could this have happened to me?

The next eighteen months would take me on a journey that would span several continents and numerous approaches to healing. The only thing I didn’t do was surgery or chemo. For eighteen months all that happened was that I developed a tumour that seemed immune to my best efforts to reverse its growth.Difference between hypoxia and anoxia cured the first time

I ended up in los angeles at the valley cancer institute where I had hyperthermia and low dose radiation. After thirteen weeks the 5 cm tumour was gone and I had a PET scan and MRI/MRS scan proved it. I went to australia to live for the next year and a half. I continued doing as much as I could to stay cancer free but there was a lot of stress during the next few years that followed. What do you do the second time?

The cancer returned with a vengeance in early 2013. I had to act fast! The “low dose”radiation damage that I had received in LA meant that I had been unaware of the regrowing tumour until it infiltrated my skin and assumed the proportions of a large barnacle on the outside.Difference between hypoxia and anoxia

There was no point taking the same path a second time although I still had reservations about surgery. I started chemotherapy, nine weeks of paclitaxyl, before I became too toxic to continue. I was also receiving herceptin as I was both oestrogen positive and HER 2 positive.

Even though I was informed my future looked pretty bleak, even with the best efforts of modern medicine, I was determined to find a better way of healing myself. Ketogenics, oxygen and pemfs

I still believed that diet is essential to survival and I knew also that eliminating sugar was essential. In my first round with cancer I had juiced every known vegetable, green or otherwise, stuck stubbornly to every organic, dairy free, meat free protocol known to god and man, with no success!Difference between hypoxia and anoxia doing the same thing and expecting a different result is the definition of insanity. So there was no point trying the same thing again.

Instead I began to eat a diet I would NEVER have dared consider before…. Ketogenic. Amazingly, where previously I had continually failed to get alkaline, I suddenly became so alkaline I couldn’t believe the test strips! I actually felt more energetic and generally felt better all round. I coupled the diet with HBOT (hyperbaric oxygen therapy) because this is what new scientific evidence suggested. Ketogenics alone doesn’t cure cancer and HBOT alone doesn’t cure cancer, but together, the research was proving, they do make a very powerful tool against cancer.

About the same time I ran into a friend who is a practitioner and doctor in christchurch, dr paterson stark.Difference between hypoxia and anoxia he knew of my battle with cancer and said “hayley, you really need to look into “PEMF technology”. Patterson had testicular cancer in his thirties and after having chemo was given three months to live. He’s now sixty-two and travels the world attending conferences on cutting edge advances on health and longevity; it was on one such trip he came across PEMF technology. He purchased a system for his own clinic and was quickly astounded at the results it began achieving.

After months of research, I bought the german QRS 101-home system and started to use it every morning and evening.

By january of 2014 I still had two centimetres of cancer on my chest wall. Chemo was not an option any longer and surgery was considered, at best ‘complicated’ and at worst ‘life threatening’.Difference between hypoxia and anoxia I didn’t do the surgery. I continued on with the diet, daily oxygen sessions and PEMF therapy.

In june this year, the latest MRI scan revealed there was no trace of cancer anywhere in my body. Hayley in LA research into these treatments and breast cancer

PEMFs have been around for decades and its use in fighting cancer is now FDA approved in america. You can go to TED TALKS and search for ttfs and brain cancer to see the amazing advances in energy medicine and cancer. At this stage it is approved for treating gliomas of the brain that have recurred after conventional chemo, surgery and radiation treatment. The same PEMF technology has also worked on lung and breast cancer and science can see no reason why it can’t be used on most cancers in the future.Difference between hypoxia and anoxia you can google an endless number of independent studies on pub med or similar sites that give strong evidence for their efficacy in cancer.

Oxygen has also been used for centuries to treat people for a variety of illnesses. Unfortunately it is a much maligned and misunderstood treatment and recent research is only now beginning to surface indicating that in the case of cancer, HBOT does not cause the tumour to grow but instead retards its development. A major factor in our cells become cancerous is that their living environment becomes hypoxic (deprived of oxygen) therefore; adding oxygen into the tissue creates an environment that is unfriendly to cancer progression.

In 1924 noble-laureate professor otto warburg published papers arguing cancer cells appear to fuel themselves with glucose.Difference between hypoxia and anoxia today even the prestigious sloan kettering cancer institute recognises the validity of what warburg discovered. Cancer uses glucose for fuel.By removing glucose from the diet, cancer cell metabolism is severely compromised. The normal body and brain cells adapt to glucose starvation by naturally switching to fat molecules, called ketones for their main source of energy. An ability most fast growing, invasive cancers appear to lack. Our clinic

During my chemotherapy treatment, I began inviting other women home from the hospital who, as I was, were suffering servere finger and toe neuropathy and offering my chamber to them. HBOT is one of the only known methods of curing chemotherapy induced neuropathy and lymphodema.Difference between hypoxia and anoxia it speeds the flushing of chemotherapy from the extremities, lifts the chemo fog and actually increases cancer cell susceptibility to both chemo and radiation treatment! We felt morally obliged to make this simple, misunderstood, non-invasive, yet hugely beneficial treatment accessible to people who are going through hell.

So we opened a make-shift clinic, even while I was completely bald and full of chemicals. I thrived, the patients we treated thrived and this led to a permanent clinic in kapiti, which opened in july this year. My top ten tips…

• meditate

• make plans for your future that excite you

• eat the best nutrient dense diet that you can

• stay close to the few people who love and understand you best

difference between hypoxia and anoxia

• open your mind to the new science of energy medicine and learn why oxygen and cellular voltage are so important to cancer sufferers

• love yourself enough to live a healthy lifestyle

• lift weights

• you body is designed to self-heal, give it what is needs to do so

• be happy, it’s good for your health

• don’t worry; it’s bad for your health