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This link is to a MS Excel document put together by Nehemia Shiff outlining what he belives is the possible Amdur linkage fof the Mogilev Amdur branch. In it he also quotes his sources. The webmaster would appreciate any discussions about the validity of this ancestral line be directed to Nehemia.

Further work and DNA testing is required to determine exactly how each of these groups are related to each other, if at all. It may well be that there were at least two separate Amdur groupings living in Mogilev during the mid part of the 19th century. DNA testing will also determine the link if any with the Braslav branch or the Pittsburgh branch.

Please Note: The following narrative, put together by two interested members of this branch (M.Waas & N.

Shiff) and contains a possible genealogy having been based on research, family stories and known history. If any reader cares to add to this we would be most appreciative.

The progenitor of this tree is likely Rabbi Samuel Amdur, the Gaon of Minsk, who was the first AB"D of Amdur, and the Chief Rabbi of the Upper Minsk District. It is said that Rabbi Samuel Amdurer’s name was held dear to the Vilna Gaon as a man of great knowledge and respect. He died in Rakov (1777) but it is believed that some of his descendents moved to Mogilev. In the Hebrew publication honouring Yerachmiel Amdursky below it states that the grandfather of Yerachmiel, Samuel, was the grandson of his namesake grandfather, Rabbi Samuel Amdurer of Minsk. In the Mogilev birth records, the father of Yerachmiel, Joseph Amdursky ("A") also known later as Yoshe Mohilover, appears as the son of Samuel Amdur and Rokhlia and the grandson of Mendel Amdur. separation anxiety disorder icd 10 However there is no known son of Rabbi Samuel Amdur by the name of Mendel at this time. Samuel, together with his wife and children, Joseph, Benjamin and Matcha, went to Israel (1841), as is found in the Montefiore censuses. anoxic encephalopathy symptoms The descendants of this Joseph Amdursky (Also known as Yoshe Mohilover) went to Israel mainly and also to America. Joseph also had several siblings, among them Benjamin Amdurer.

The other branch of the family, which remained in Mogelev, is also headed by a man named Joseph Amdursky ("B"). Joseph had at least two sons, the eldest Menachem Mendel David Amdursky and Isaac Amdursky, and also a daughter Gasha Amdursky. It is not know who the father of Joseph was, though a possible naming tradition in the family indicates that Mendel Amdursky, the father of Samuel Amdur above, may have been the grandfather. This comes from two clues: 1) Mendel David is not a common name combination in that part of the Ashkenazic world; 2) Gasha’s son is named Iankel-Esel’ according to his birth record which is also a highly unorthodox name combination in this part of the Ashkenazic world. Iankel-Esel’ is named first for his paternal grandfather Iankel Rabinovich and second for his maternal grandfather Esel’. Further research needs to be conducted in the archives of the Mogilev region to determine the validity of this hypothesis. The descendants of this family branch spread out to Leipzig, Germany, America, and Israel. Furthermore, connection between the two families is likely with the combination of many common names as well as the two families keeping in touch with one another well in to the 1970s before e-mail reestablished the lost connections. On Joseph Amdur’s (son of Yerachmiel Amdursky) emigration manifest in 1936 to NY, he lists his cousin "Louis Amdur" as his contact in America. The address listed for Louis is almost exactly the same as Menachem Mendel David’s eldest son Avraham-Eliezer "Louis" Amdur. anxiety attack cure tips In the 1970s, Rick Amdur, the grandson of Louis, and Benny Amdursky, the descendant of Benjamin Amdurer, were known to each other as cousins.

If a connection can be conclusively established to Rabbi Samuel Amdurer, the descent of this family goes to the Ba’al Beit Shmuel and through him, to the MaHaRaSHaL, to the father of the MaHaRaL, and from there, back to Rashi and his ancestry. (M.Waas & N. Shiff)

• New information has come to light with regards to Reuben Amdur. The 1897 Riga Revisionist list shows that Reuben was definately the son of Yankel, that his second wife was Chana Katz, that he was born in Braslav and that most if not all of his children were either born or registered in Dvinsk. There is also mention of an unknown son, Shevel Mordachai, which has not been know to date. (7th May 2010)

• After further analysis of the Riga Rabanate lists the linkage between Yankel, the father of Reuben, and the Amdur Main Trunk has been reviewed. It is now believed that based on the fact that Reuben’s son Max had the second name Hirsh it would be more logical to connect the family to Yankel, son of Hirsh. ( 8th May 2010) see note 17 below.

• The tree of Herrich Amdour from France added to the main Index. There may be a direct link between this tree and the existing Amdour tree as they are both noted as families in France and these are in fact the only Amdur links we know of in France. (16th May 2010)

• A number of 2 – 3 generation Amdur family trees have been found and added to the database after a search through the site. Please click on the ‘Can you help’ tab above to review these families. If you can add further information we would be very happy to hear from you (22nd May 2010)

• A second Amdur family who went to Texas and was involved in the furniture business has come to light. From all accounts it is most likely that they are related to the Cecil Alexander Amdur family who live/d in Texas. Currently a member of each family has been asked to get togetehr with the other family to try and work this relationship out (24th May 2010)

• It has been determined that there is possibly another Amdur family living in Houston. Paul Solomon Amdur (1913 – 1980) aparently lived there all of his life. The Houston white pages indicates that at least some of his descendants still live there (26th May 2010)

• The Amdur name index file has been updated and made easier to search and to use. Currently only names from the large trees shown on the tabs are indexed however it is planned that all the names from the small trees will also be included. (28th May 2010)

• A second Amdursky family in Montreal, that of Jacob & Devorah Amdursky, has now come to light. It is believed to be part of the same group as Victor and Israel Jacob Amdursky. It would be appreciate if someone connected to either of these families could review and confirm the connections (31st May 2010)

• Additions have been made to the Mogilev Amdur family tree. Further information has now been added as to names and dates of the Benjamin Amdursky line, specifically individuals connected to the late Israeli singer Beni Amdursky and his family. Data drawn from site (5 June 2010)

• The progenitor father of the Reuben Amdur tree has been tentatively identified as Haskel Amdur making this tree a possible branch of the Braslav Amdur Tree. anxiété définition DNA tests are required to confirm one way or the other the genetic connection between the two trees. (14th June 2010)

• Mina Miriam Amdur, from the Yankel Amdur/Emdur tree apparently married Frank Amdur(sky) who was the grandson of Samuel Shmai Amdursky. This is a possible cross over between two Amdur groupings being the Emdurs and the descendants of Yehuda Leib Amdursky from the Pittsburgh family. Miriam and her children thus appear in two trees (14th June 2010)

• The Paul Solomon Amdur tree (from Houston) has been renamed to that of Sam & Hannah Amdur as the father’s name has now been located. It is still not known which larger tree this one connects to but there is an in-law reference to Bialystock so there is a chance that this branch connects to the Pittsburgh clan. (26th June 2010)

• The Aaron & Eva Amdur tree has now been linkied to a more substantial tree thanks to a cousin, Nyna, who visited our website. It would appear that the father of Aaron was Shlomo Chaim Amdur, and this branch has now been tentatively connected to the line of Gedalya Avraham and Khana (Berkowiotz) Amdur on the basis that Shlomo Chaim Amdur had a son called Gedalya (which is not a common Amdur name) and because Gedalya & Khana had a son called Shlomo Meir Chaim Amdur. (7th July 2010)

• Thanks to a recent get together in Israel a major rethink has taken place concerning the Samuel Amdur tree. It has now been replaced with five Amdur grupings all originating in Mogilev during the 19th century. All five trees now appear in the tab above called Mogilev Amdur trees. (11th July 2010)

• Recent information concerning the fact that Michael and Nathan Amdur/Emdur stayed at 58 Church St in Shorditch at the start of the 20th century, and the fact that they were staying in the same building as Samuel Amdur of the Yankel & Yetta line and the fact that Michael’s and Nathan’s grandfather father was Yankel as was Samuel’s has led to the hypothesis that these were all first cousins. anxiety meaning An autosomal DNA test is planned using female members of these families to test this hypothesis. If proved correct this could create a very large tree. (11th July 2010).

• The Israel Isador Amdur tree has now been determined to belong to the Mogilev #2 family grouping. The link was made when casual research determined that reference to the 3AAA garment factory on the one hand and the Amdur Brothers garment factory on the other hand was in fact reference to the same thang, just reflecting diffferent family view points. (12th July 2010)

• Further information concerning the ancestors of Michael Amdur/Emdur seem to point to a surname of Kark instead of Amdur. With reference to #49 above it would appear that the hypothesis made there is now seen as not being valid. (15th July 2010)

• Thanks to Jon Lishak further details have come to light relating to the Amdur Main Trunk. Jon has supplied further details of the English Amdur line. His data also allowed some descrepencies to be cleared up as to who are children and who are the grandchildren of Simon Yacob Zalke Amdur. (19th September 2010)