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I always find it fascinating when someone posts and just about everyone who answers agrees on the action, the poster took a different action, but then spends the rest of his time arguing why his action was best. It makes me wonder why they took the time to ask in the first place.

Yeah middle stages this might be different. nanoxia deep silence 6 rev b review But you are near an ICM pressure point. You are nearing the final table. ICM is slowly increasing. Especially since you are against a stack large enough to bust you. hypoxic anoxic brain injury You might be facing an ICM spot where the pressure is about 1.6:1 against you is not more.

Now looking at it through that lens, you are either bluffing or value betting when you shove. Correct? To value bet you need to get called 1.6 time or more with hands that you beat.

He also has ICM pressure. What is the lowest hand he may call with? Maybe KT. QQ certainly can’t call. anxiety attack meaning in tamil T8/98 can’t call. At some point he even has to start folding out top pair combinations as well. I’m not even sure he can call with K9.

So he has potentially about 25 hands that beat you calling and KQ/KJ/KT is 36 hands. That is still slightly below the amount you need him to call to make this a good value bet. anxiety disorder meaning in kannada That is even if he can call KT which is questionable. He has to call K9 to make this a good value shove and with the ICM pressure against him, I think that is questionable at best. And that is also assuming that my estimate of 1.6:1 ICM pressure against you is high enough. It may be higher. And that is not even considering a skill factor you may have or stack factors present, like possibly 6 stacks on the verge of busting right now.

If we 83bb deep and v has us covered then why are we shoving our stack into 10.5bb in the middle? Think about your range here, what bluffs are you allocating to balance this off, not much so v can overfold in a spot where you should be underbluffing a dam ton.. he should have a good money print vs you here if he has a clue.

Vs this type of player my plan on the flop would be just to call because you want to keep all his worse hands and bluffs in and raise either the turn or river after he has put in another bet oop. beck’s anxiety inventory test pdf Proly river because you want to make sure we get all 3 streets. If he was to put in a 3rd raise, I would think about it but still mostly calling because this kind of guy can show up with all sorts of random stuff. You have to realise how strong your hand is on such a dry board, no run out is really scary as we have the overcard. Rainbow boards can go running out flushes but thats a really small % only real thing is if bottom or mid pair repeats as he might have some of these in his leading range, but he has heaps of air too… anoxic brain damage treatment I think we are always going to be losing alot of chips here regardless of how its played, we are at the top of our range on a dry board vs an opponent who is playing lag.

Also something has to be said for the fact we are in a pre icm stage at the moment, 5 more and its ft time.. if we are in a good position chipwise, say top 5, we definately dont want to punting alot of chips in a longball play in anyone spot especially where confrontation is guarenteed to someone who has us covered. In saying this never folding when we this far up for 3 big bets otr.. its proly guna be tiny fraction of our stack anyway.