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Live stem cell therapy

This could be the ultimate anti aging therapy

There are many anti aging therapies and treatments that I have been writing about in my articles including whole body detoxification, hormonal balancing and natural hormone replacement, human growth hormone replacement therapy, exercise with oxygen and more. However, whilst all of the above are critical for a healthy and fit body, they can only do so much to reverse more serious cellular and organ damage that has already been inflicted.

If your cellular DNA has been damaged leading to genetic mistakes and poorly functioning cells, even if the disease process is arrested, residual tissue damage from previous drug or chemical therapy, inflammation, toxicity, anoxia, and focal circulatory failure could leave your tissues unable to recover to full function.Anoxia cerebral

of course whole body detoxification and whole body oxygenation/ozonation are the important first steps in regaining your health. Then hormone balancing will also greatly help your cells to regenerate as much as possible. But in many instances, that will not be enough. Enter stem cell therapy.

What is a stem cell?

A stem cell is a cell that has the ability to divide (self replicate) for indefinite periods—often throughout the life of the organism. Under the right conditions, or given the right signals, stem cells can give rise (differentiate) to the many different cell types that make up the organism. That is, stem cells have the potential to develop into mature cells that have characteristic shapes and specialized functions, such as heart cells, skin cells, or nerve cells.Anoxia cerebral stem cells have the have the unique ability to regenerate and repair your organs and tissues. When your body is stressed for any reason, you release stem cells in order to help your organs cope with that stress or illness. However, as we age, we just don’t produce enough stem cells to adequately repair and regenerate our organs and body, hence we age and we get sick and degenerative disease take a firm hold of our bodies. But, it doesn’t have to be that way: now methods are available that use precursor stem cells taken from the organs of fetal animals which have an amazing ability to regenerate the organs of humans.

Stem cell therapy – how it works

The future of medicine lies in regenerating your worn out or exhausted organs and tissues.Anoxia cerebral think of heart transplants as an example. A whole organ is replaced by a newer, healthy and stronger one leading to a prevention of an early death, a much improved lifespan and a better quality of life. However, the problem with organ transplants taken from other humans is the problem of rejection, which necessitates the recipient to take strong immunosuppressant drugs for life. These can predispose the person to severe and life threatening infections and even cancers.

Think of stem cell therapy as a mini-organ transplant, without the need for major surgery or without the need for strong immune suppressant drugs.

Using the fresh baby stem cells from the organs of fetal animals, (which are easily and safely injected into your muscle), removes any risk of immune rejection, and all provides the necessary stimulation and regeneration of your own tired and worn out cells and organs.Anoxia cerebral but I hear you saying: how can you use animal stem cells in humans? You see in nature the cells of organs of various species are practically identical, and it is this fact that has enabled stem cell or live cell therapy using stem cells taken from the organs of fetal animals to be used safely and very effectively in humans for over 80 years. Also, the immunological markers are not developed until the fetus is almost ready for birth, hence when the stem cells are taken from a fetus at an early enough age, there is no immune reaction. This has been proven without a doubt in millions of live stem cell therapies that have been performed since the early 1900’s.

Live stem cells – history

In 1927 professor paul niehans, a medical doctor from switzerland, first used implantation of fresh calf pituitary tissue fragments for treatment of pituitary dwarfs.Anoxia cerebral in 1929 he treated patients with chronic arthritis using a similar method with good results. In 1931 he was asked to try to save the life of a woman who was dying of tetany due to the accidental removal of her parathyroid glands during a thyroidectomy. As there was no time to adequately prepare for his normal implantation surgery, dr niehans immediately dissected the parathyroid glands from a baby calf, chopped them up finely and then injected them into the patient. The patient survived and lived for another 21 years in good health! This was the beginning of live stem cell therapy.

Professor niehans went on to use his method of live stem cell therapy to treat many people without any need for immunosuppression.Anoxia cerebral so as you can see, this is not a new phenomenon. It has been going on since the 1920s. Winston churchill attributed his physical endurance to live cell therapy. French prime minister adenauer, although in his 90s, was the backbone of the rebuilding of germany after world war II. He made annual trips to switzerland to visit dr niehans for live stem cell therapy.

Who else wants increased sexual potency at 75?

Charlie chaplin fathered a child in his 70s. He told the press that live stem cell therapy made it possible because the therapy had increased his potency and virility. It is rumored that cary grant, george burns, bob hope, gloria swanson and a host of other famous stars were regular visitors to switzerland for live cell therapy.Anoxia cerebral pope pius XII underwent live cell therapy and found the results so remarkable that he inducted the discoverer, dr. Paul niehans, into the papal academy of science. Dr. Niehans became the successor to the late sir alexander fleming, the discoverer of penicillin.

Stem cell therapy – what can it be used for?

The fresh, new and vital transplanted fetal cells directly target your organs and stimulate them into regeneration. This has been proved over the years by many studies and by the fact that over 1 million people have undergone live stem cell therapy to date, with success and without any serious side effects. The uses of live stem cell therapy are many, and include the following:

• aging disease – by far the most number of people have undergone this unique therapy to stay young, healthy, sexy and vibrant –just ask the numerous actors, politicians and other celebrities who yearly flock to europe for their regular ultimate anti aging therapy.Anoxia cerebral

• menopause impotence, memory loss, arteriosclerosis, etc

• dementia, parkinson’s disease, spinal cord injuries, MS are all being improved using live stem cell therapy

• cancer – by boosting the immune system (stem cell therapy is one of the most potent boosters of the immune system known)

• down’s syndrome, autism, cerebral palsy, muscular dystrophy – children are being helped NOW using stem cell therapy – this is an exciting new development, and allow new hope for parents with children with any of these conditions.

• diabetes – stem cells can improve pancreatic function and help diabetics to reduce or even stop using insulin, and to live longer and healthier lives.

• immune system disorders – AIDS etc – stem cells dramatically boost the immune system allowing for an improvement in overall health.Anoxia cerebral

• liver diseases, kidney failure, lung diseases – all can be improved with stem cell therapy.

• arthritis – stem cells can help to regenerate cartilage and bone

• skin disorders – psoriases and eczema can and have been cured using stem cell therapy

The possibilities are endless and more are becoming known every day.

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Dr theodore is an australian medical doctor now living in asia – based in singapore. His major specialties are; anti aging medicine, whole body detoxification, stem cell therapy natural health and healing, male enhancement, whole body ozone therapy, fat loss and body re-sculpting, exercise with oxygen therapy, natural hormone replacement therapy and nutritional counseling.

He is the founder of the asian society of anti aging medicine (ASOAAM), and is a member of the american academy of anti aging medicine and the world anti aging academy of medicine.Anoxia cerebral

He is a lecturer and trainer in anti aging medicine, whole body ozone therapy, whole body detoxification, natural health and healing.

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