A way out turtlewithapen anxiety disorder treatment

I’ve had anxiety as far back as I can remember. I didn’t know it was called anxiety for a long time, I thought I was just a shy overthinker. I remember freaking out because a bill collector called the house and asked “are your parents home?” and I had seen on TV that kidnappers might call and ask that to see if they could break in. hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy in adults symptoms I was about 7 lol. That weird anecdote to say, I’ve been anxious for a LONG time. I’ve known many other anxious people, and with that heard a million tips, from the physical to the mental to pharmaceutical, on how to handle my anxiety. The older I’ve gotten the less valuable many of those tips have proven (and I don’t trust pharmaceuticals enough to even venture down that road). However I recently saw the simplest advice from a random twitter account and applying it has absolutely changed my anxious moments. anoxia at birth It was two words, two words as powerful as anything Ye, Mos Def and Freeway ever said, two very powerful words:

The concept of being and remaining present has fundamentally changed how I handle anxiety. It’s very hard to be in your head (a phrase any anxious person has used) when you’re involved in the moment. Exit your head. Just walk out and involve yourself fully in the moment in front of you. You can’t trip off how a conversation may go poorly if you’re outside your head actively engaged in the conversation. social anxiety disorder testimonials Freaking out about what bad things may happen today is a difficult task when you’re busy living today. It’s hard for a random pain in your chest to spiral into an existential crisis about how you might die when you aren’t in your head with the thoughts running wild. Just exit your brain.

That might’ve sounded really easy or really hard depending on who you are. It was hard for me. history anoxic brain injury icd 10 I’ve never been to therapy nor am I even close to a mental health professional, although I did take Psych 101 in high school so you can consider me one if you want (please don’t). I don’t know more technical terms to describe the sensation of being stuck in your head, but if you’ve dealt with it, you understand. That zoning out you’re doing is likely a habit you’ve created, and any habit can be changed. Learning to not zone out like that and live in the day to day won’t be easy. Given that I’m not a mental health professional, I also don’t know all the healthiest methods to assure you’re being present. For me it usually looks like speaking out loud to someone, or even myself, singing along to a song, dancing, or writing something down physically. When those things aren’t available to me, it looks like concentrating on things I can see, hear or feel wherever I am (a technique I learned through meditation). hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy causes Anything that requires my immediate attention more than the world of worry I’ve created in my head often saves me from my head.

The late Mac Miller opened his final album, Swimming, with the solemn slow sung hook “I’ll do anything for a way…out…of my head”. That phrase has stuck with me since I heard it and even more since I dove into the album and wrote my review a few months ago. It’s horribly relatable for many of us. “Anything for a way out of my head” gets darker when you realize Mac’s life was lost to a drug overdose, a common plan escape from one’s head. I’m terrified of the feeling of being so deeply entrenched in my own head that I feel like I’m drowning (also known as an anxiety attack). It’s an experience I don’t wish on anyone. “Be present” has offered me a simple escape, just walk out. Be involved in the present moment, don’t miss out on the conversation’s flow by zoning out, don’t think about the song you’re listening to, just sing along and feel it, force yourself to stop analyzing every moment as it happens, save that for a reflective time of your choosing later on (personally I try to save it for my 3 or 4 journal sessions each week). anoxic encephalopathy symptoms It sounds hella simple. And it’s not that simple. I know because I haven’t rid myself of anxiety entirely, but it’s advice that’s proven invaluable to somebody 25 years deep in anxious mental habits. It’s given me some method of finding peace, which is more than I can say for the breathing techniques and pills that have been offered to me thus far.