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And lo and behold, what has the prime minister gone and proposed? Not an OPA exactly – but a good neighbour MBE, which is more or less the same thing.

A public campaign would be launched to promote the concept of the good neighbour MBE, the prime minister promised yesterday.

For future years, the aim will be for a significant majority of honours to go to local community leaders and champions who are making such a difference in local schools, local youth clubs, local hospitals, local charities and local faith groups throughout britain, mr brown said.

The prime minister has demonstrated a perfect sense of timing in announcing his plans for a long-overdue shake-up of the honours system.

His populist proposals are designed to ensure far more honours will in future go to the ordinary, everyday local heroes who make such a difference to our communities, rather than to anonymous civil servants and well-paid celebrities.Cerebral anoxia

By announcing the plans now, mr brown is signalling his credentials as a man of the people at a time when, because of the floods, community spirit in britain has rarely been stronger.

In fact, the prime minister made clear that some of the unsung heroes who have been going beyond the call of duty during the floods could well be singled out for awards themselves.

Mr brown will also, however, be seen as trying to draw a line under the cash-for-peerages affair, which is thought to have undermined public confidence in the honours system.

Whatever the prime minister’s motivation, mr willey welcomes his proposals.

It’s about time that the honours system took more account of the thousands of ordinary people up and down the country who did so much for their communities, he said.Cerebral anoxia

He himself was very embarrassed when told he was to receive the MBE, the city council street cleaning supervisor said. I was going to turn it down at one point, because I thought there were people that deserved it far more.

Nevertheless, it is an honour that he will treasure for the rest of his life, mr willey said.

We have a normal, everyday task of picking up litter, and sometimes you think what’s the point?’. You clean up coney street, then you come back a little while later and it’s like a bomb site again, he said. But this award – a thank you and a well done goes a hell of a long way.

Claire pulpher, whose own contribution to her community has seen her nominated for a york community pride award, agreed with paul that reform of the national honours system was long overdue.Cerebral anoxia

I think it is always important to recognise when somebody has done something for the community, no matter what age they are, the 17-year-old from dunnington said.

We’re all people at the end of the day, we’re all trying to help it other. So I think it’s right that they should make it (the honours system) a bit more fair.

A fairer system, in which it wasn’t just the rich and famous who got honours, might even help to improve community spirit a bit, claire said.

If more ordinary people were being recognised, it might make people feel they were worth something – it might make them speak up a bit more and feel that their voice would be heard, she said.

York fire chief graham buckle agreed. Every year there is a handful of ordinary people who get honoured, he said.Cerebral anoxia but they tend to be the exception.

None of the firefighters battling so heroically to help rescue people from the ongoing floods – including a few north yorkshire firefighters who have been seconded to gloucestershire – would expect an honour for doing their jobs, mr buckle said.

As chief officer of age concern york, sally hutchinson has something like 400 volunteers working with her, providing vital services for elderly people in the community. All of those people were heroes, she said – and they were just the ones working for age concern in york. When you think of all the other voluntary organisations…

Unsung claire backing our angels appeal

IF EVER there was an unsung hero, it is claire pulpher.Cerebral anoxia

The dunnington 17-year-old has raised hundreds of pounds for the press guardian angels appeal and gives up her own time to teach dance to children.

Now she has been put forward for the york community pride spirit of youth award, for her positive contribution to schools and the community.

Claire, who won the miss charity prize at may’s beauty contest, has raised more than £500 for guardian angels by giving dance demonstrations and organising collections among pupils.

The appeal aims to raise £300,000 for a new high-dependency unit for york hospital children’s ward.

Claire, who is doing an open university law degree, voluntarily teaches dance to pupils at acomb, stockton-on-the forest and fulford schools, and the teenager runs a monthly social dance at country club melodies, in clifton moor, from which she donates a percentage to the guardian angels appeal.Cerebral anoxia

As a youngster, claire suffered from reflex anoxic seizure – a condition which caused her to faint regularly.

She would spend periods of time recovering on york hospital’s children’s ward.

Mike pulpher, claire’s father, who nominated her for the award, said: claire deserves this nomination – the positive contribution she makes to the community is inspirational. Claire’s providing an inspirational example for other young people to do similar things. She gets a real buzz out of raising money for the guardian angels appeal – she was well chuffed when she raised over £500 for it.

Claire said: I’m very touched to have been nominated – it’s lovely. I want to inspire as many young people as possible to join in and do things for the community.Cerebral anoxia it’s something I really enjoy doing too. The appeal is something close to my heart because I was in hospital when I was younger and I know how nice it is to have nice surroundings there. It’s nice for me to see the hospital develop.

* if you think there is a member of your local community who, like claire, deserves public recognition, there is still time to nominate him or her for a york community pride award.

But with this friday set as the closing date for applications, you will have to get your skates on.

The awards aim to recognise the unsung heroes who make such a difference to all of our lives – whether they are teachers, charity workers, fundraisers, or simply special people who care.

To make a nomination, just fill in the coupon, below.Cerebral anoxia send us a (non returnable) picture of your nominee if possible, plus any other useful information (no more than two sides of A4 paper, also non-returnable).

You can also download nomination forms via the link below.

Local businesses seeking to support the awards can phone nigel briggs on 01904 567168, or email nigel.Briggs@ycp.Co.Uk.

Brown to highlight the local heroes’

IN future, the significant majority of honours should go to the local, everyday heroes who make a difference, gordon brown said, unveiling his plans yesterday for a major shake-up of the honours system.

Mr brown said he wanted to see the proportion of honours awarded for services to the local community raised substantially higher than its current 40 per cent level.Cerebral anoxia

He has informed all whitehall departments and the honours committees that in future more awards should go to the unsung heroes of our villages, towns and cities.

And he said a campaign would be started to promote the concept of the good neighbour MBE.

The move to make the honours system fairer and more populist will be accompanied by a £515 million boost in state funding for community groups, voluntary organisations and charities – what the government calls the third sector – over the coming three years.

Mr brown also announced plans for a national day for celebrating volunteering and social change on july 24 – a date chosen to reflect the 24/7 nature of the work of those it will recognise.

Launching a book he has written entitled britain’s ordinary heroes at an event in westminster, mr brown said that the kind of people he wanted the honours system to celebrate were those who responded not only to the floods but to the recent attempted terror attacks in london and glasgow.Cerebral anoxia

He said: in this spirit of recognising and celebrating service to local communities and to our whole country, it is right that we look at how our honours system can recognise those in our emergency services and members of the public who showed such bravery and heroism in the face of the recent terrorist attacks and those who have worked in the last few weeks far beyond the call of duty in the recent floods.