A cartoonist in Kekionga minicomics and much more, from an Indiana of the mind. By Pam Bliss. anxious meaning in gujarati

Nowadays they call it a “polar vortex”, which is more dramatic than “cold snap” and generalized anxiety disorder dsm 5 definition mixes up nicely with the rhetorical style of the 24 hour news cycle. And this year’s polar vortex was a pip. It was below zero fahrenheit for three solid days, with a low of -18 and dangerous winds– colder here in indiana than in alaska or siberia. Even now, as the vortex loses its energy, it’s a balmy six degrees. Of course, forecasts for monday predict highs in the 50s, but that’s the midwest for you. The king of all local weather sayings is “if you don’t like the weather, just wait a minute”. That’s paraphrased from mark twain, by the way.

I actually had a pretty pleasant polar vortex. The new furnace kept on chugging, we’d stocked up appropriately on food, and the cable and hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy in adults icd 10 code the internet never went out.

I did a bunch of drawing and even took a few photographs. Above, a polar vortex cardinal, on a -14 morning, through a window. Below, two macro shots of frost on the inside of the storm door. These were taken at night, in the very center of the vortex: the only photographs I think I’ve ever taken at 18 below.

One of the things that sometimes emerges in a “lucky” drawing of the day is a cast of characters for a very strange comic. (A lucky drawing is one that is not only automatic/unplanned, but also lacks pencil underdrawing; it’s strictly “straight to ink what causes anoxic encephalopathy”. When it works, you have a lucky drawing.) when I don’t know what to draw I usually start blocking in a figure somewhere near the center of the page and then add to it in some way. You may get two or more people interacting, or a figure in a setting, or a crowd scene, or most often a portrait of a person with an animal or pet. And occasionally I just keep adding more small figures that seem to go with the first one, and I get a cast drawing.

In this case the first figure was the skeletal/undead/mummy in a cowboy hat. I made signs of hypoxic brain injury him a marshal, put his marshal’s star in his eye sockets, and surrounded him with the cast of a weird western. The characters are a combination of stock or semi-stock characters (the trusty mount, the indian ghost, the medicine person,the eastern dude, the dark eyed senorita) and various weird or ordinary animal characters. But there are some extra strange things going on, particularly that anachronistic camera the eastern dude is carrying. That looks like a leica social anxiety test free or similar rangefinder (in a leather half case), dating to the 1940s or 50s. That may indicate some short distance time travel. Or perhaps a reluctance on the part of the cartoonist to draw a photographer character carrying around a view camera, a long legged wooden tripod,and a crate of glass plates, and then ducking under a curtain and setting off troughs of flash powder. That actually sounds sorta fun. Why didn’t I want to do that?

“psychopomp” is a technical term in religion and folklore studies– a psychopomp is a religious (or mythological or folkloric or supernatural) figure who guides a spirit or soul to the afterlife. I once knew this word fairly well, but as my formal education has faded further into the past, I am sure I haven’t thought about it, much less used it, in thirty years or more. This week as I was anoxic brain injury icd 10 doing other research, I found anubis on a list of psychopomp figures across history and world cultures.

And that got me thinking. We know anpu as a “retired god”, but what if like many retirees, he got a bit bored (and maybe a little short of whatever it is that gods use for currency) and decided to go back to work part time? This is a drawing of anpu as a modern psychopomp, including a pair of little nanoxia project s build black wings that reference the angelic figures that take that role in current legend/folklore.

Longtime readers will notice that I have made yet another change in anpu’s character design. (anpu is one of my favorite characters to draw and I fiddle with his design more than anything else in kekionga except foursquare’s dozens of costumes.) I have gone back to the gold lining for his ears, but started breaking it up with a sunburst/radial design that I found in some ancient egyptian source material. I really like the results and I might even say his design is finally finalized anxiety meaning in hindi symptoms if I didn’t know myself too well.

First of all, happy new year from kekionga, home of the famous drawing of the day, now entering its eleventh year (I think) or maybe its 12th. On new year’s eve last year (!) I drew you this peaceful late night scene in the noakes library at sauk trail. Ever since the Y2K bug crisis that-never-was, the library powers that be want staff on deck for the transition, and this year it was was the archives’ turn hypoxic anoxic brain injury recovery on duty. Looks like everything is under control. (like most shapeshifters with animal forms, professor lykander likes to sleep in his fur when he thinks he can get away with it.)

While I was making this little library drawing, turned inward toward the center of the page, in artificial light, and drawn with a small pen, I had the idea for a companion piece set in the junkyard, turned outward and upward, in natural light, and drawn with a big pen anoxia vs hypoxia. Peace to say goodbye to to the old year, inspiration and hope to greet the new.

Of course, I didn’t actually get around to drawing it until the fourth, and here it is the eighth as I post it. Oh well. We may have skipped that coffee and the resolutions are taking a while to kick in, but I don’t think 2019 is going to be any worse for a thoughtful start. So have courage and an open heart, and don’t be in a rush. Pace yourself. We’ll get there.