7 Reasons why your nanoxia ncore retro scalp hurts when pressed or combed

Scalp tenderness is often caused by the skin’s reaction to certain things. This is known as dermatitis. You may have an allergy to certain products, or your skin may be sensitive. Dermatitis can cause inflammation. In some cases, it can even cause rashes, itching, and peeling. Some of the most commonly linked causes of contact dermatitis nanoxia ncore retro keyboard are:

Folliculitis is an infection of the hair follicles. It can cause pain whenever your hair is touched or nanoxia ncore retro keyboard moved in any way. While it most commonly occurs near the back of the nanoxia ncore retro keyboard scalp or the neck, it can appear anywhere on the head. Additionally, hair follicles can become clogged and cause irritation. If they do, you even run the risk of your hair thinning, or balding.

There are also fungal infections to consider, such as tinea capitis, or ringworm of the scalp. Ringworm creates small scaly patches on the scalp that can nanoxia ncore retro keyboard be very itchy and uncomfortable. It is also a highly contagious fungus that can be nanoxia ncore retro keyboard spread through things like towels, combs, or even skin to skin contact. Treating ringworm often requires an antifungal medication, such as a medicated shampoo along with an oral tablet nanoxia ncore retro keyboard prescribed by your doctor.

No one likes to think about an infestation of any nanoxia ncore retro keyboard kind attacking their scalp. And, we often associate head lice with children, but adults are not immune to it. Lice are highly contagious. They can live for nearly a month on your scalp, and lay eggs in the process, creating a never-ending cycle. The symptoms of lice include flakes, itching, and bumps on the scalp. These bumps may feel crusty.

One of the most common causes of scalp pain comes nanoxia ncore retro keyboard from within – headaches or tension headaches. Frequent headaches are often caused by stress, and though it may not seem like they would directly nanoxia ncore retro keyboard affect the scalp, they can make it feel tender to the touch. Taking certain medications to alleviate headache pain is a quick nanoxia ncore retro keyboard solution. But, to help stop the pain on a more permanent basis, look for ways to lower your stress levels.

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