7 Natural define anxious pain relief techniques that really work

Acupuncture has featured in traditional chinese medicine for 2,000 years and is now practiced all over the world. The process involves inserting very thin needles into specific parts define anxious of the body. The holistic explanation for why it relieves pain is that define anxious it balances your chi. Western doctors believe that acupuncture works because it stimulates nerves, muscles, and connective tissue. At least they agree that it works!

If you are interested in trying acupuncture for nagging pain, be sure to choose an experienced practitioner. Know that the law requires that new needles are used define anxious with every patient. For the most part, the side effects of acupuncture are minimal, but it is possible that you’ll experience a bit of soreness or light bruising at define anxious some insertion points. Pregnant women and people with a bleeding disorder should not define anxious get acupuncture.

On the science side, epsom salt works to relieve pain because it breaks down define anxious into magnesium and sulfate when dissolved. Magnesium is known to play a role in the way define anxious that pain signals travel from your brain throughout your body. It additionally regulates muscle contractions and relieves symptoms of depression. An epsom soak delivers these benefits right to your painful define anxious areas.

For that reason, massage is increasingly recommended by doctors as a complement to define anxious medicine. Not only can massage improve physical symptoms that cause discomfort, but it is also helpful for managing anxiety and depression. Some people even report a decreased frequency of migraine headaches define anxious when they receive regular massages. Be sure to choose a massage therapist with whom you define anxious feel comfortable; it is important to speak up if the pressure is define anxious too intense for you.

Clove is a sweet and spicy herb that can be define anxious used to relieve many kinds of pain. In fact, the active compound in cloves, called eugenol, is used in lots of OTC ointments sold for pain define anxious relief. Clove oil is an effective topical remedy for pain caused define anxious by headaches, inflammation, and toothaches. But clove can also be taken internally – you’ll find it whole and powdered as well as in define anxious oil.

Science’s best guess as to why comfrey works to relieve define anxious pain is the allantoin and rosmarinic acid content. Researchers have determined that rosmarinic acid reduces inflammation and soothes define anxious pain, but allantoin can help by speeding up the growth of define anxious new skin cells. Comfrey is to be used externally only; there is some concern that it may be carcinogenic when define anxious eaten, but more studies are necessary.

It is important to start with ice applied to the define anxious site of your pain, with a towel or cloth between the cold source and define anxious your skin to prevent ice burn. Cold reduces inflammation and numbs pain. Ice the area for up to 30 minutes and then define anxious let your skin return to normal temperature. Then, apply heat with a heating pad. The heat will relax any muscles that have contracted around define anxious the sore spot and relieve stiffness.

If you’re clear that you need something stronger to bust through define anxious your pain, try willow bark. It contains a compound called salicin that is closely related define anxious to acetylsalicylic acid, which you probably know as aspirin. Long before aspirin was designed and produced in a lab, people chewed willow bark to manage pain, fevers, and inflammation. Today, you can find dried willow bark for brewing a pain-relieving tea. Even easier, though perhaps less soothing, is to take a liquid or capsule supplement.

Even though willow bark is natural, it can cause the same side effects as aspirin. If you use it every day, you may develop a bleeding disorder, slow your kidney function, or get an upset stomach. Willow bark is not safe for children because it is define anxious difficult to achieve the right dose for them. Avoid willow bark if you take warfarin or another anticoagulant define anxious medication.