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Sensata technologies (NYSE: ST) may not be a household name for most investors, but the company’s products are everywhere. It makes sensors which help devices work better. Companies are moving many programs to remote access platforms that anoxic brain injury survivors they can manage with apps. This beats having to keep employees on site. However, without good monitoring and data, these systems would break down.

Sensata offers crucial parts to make these sorts of systems anoxic brain injury survivors function. The company serves a huge variety of industries, including construction, energy, healthcare, agriculture, automobiles and aerospace. You can find its sensors in products ranging from slurpee anoxic brain injury survivors machines to anesthesia machines among many others. With the world collecting more and more data, sensata should have plenty of growth ahead.

Turning to ST stock, it’s one of the more reasonably priced tech stocks in anoxic brain injury survivors the market. ST stock sells for just 13x trailing and 11x forward anoxic brain injury survivors earnings. That’s pretty great, considering that sensata has delivered impressive results in recent years. Over the past five years, sensata has grown earnings at a compounded growth rate of anoxic brain injury survivors 27% per year. That’s sizzling. Analysts see a slowdown ahead, but still anticipate 11% annual growth over the next five years. That’s nothing to complain about with a starting 13x price-to-earnings ratio.

Of the semiconductor names, stmicroelectronics (NYSE: STM) is one of the most closely linked ones to the anoxic brain injury survivors internet of things. STM — europe’s largest semiconductor firm — has a variety of business lines with substantial exposure to anoxic brain injury survivors the auto and industrial markets. Given the state of the auto industry in general, and weakness in the european economy in particular, STM stock hasn’t exactly been in the right place at the right anoxic brain injury survivors time lately.

However, looking past that short-term weakness, there is a lot to like about STM stock. For one thing, there’s excitement in STM’s auto business because they have cutting-edge chips that are being used in electric vehicles. In fact, STM counts tesla (NASDAQ: TSLA) among its customers for this line of chips. Given the wave of EV adoption, things could be rather promising here.

But let’s get back to the internet of things. As it stands now, stmicroelectronics is already number two in microcontroller chips globally, and the company is trying to reach number one. Not all microcontroller chips go into internet of things applications, and there’s stiff competition for the market from texas instruments, infineon and others. Still, if you’re bullish on the space, STM stock is a key player. And at just over 14x earnings, you aren’t paying a very steep price to get involved.

This next pick isn’t the best stock to invest in today as it’s been on an absolute tear lately. But it’s one to have on your watch list for any anoxic brain injury survivors future market corrections. If you’re betting on the internet of things taking off, there’s one thing that is for certain — we’re going to need a lot more data service. And what better thing to invest in for that future anoxic brain injury survivors than cellphone towers? Enter american tower (NYSE: AMT).

American tower has grown to be an absolute empire, with a market cap of just over $100 billion. You make a lot of money owning the ubiquitous cellphone anoxic brain injury survivors towers that make modern communications work. And american tower owns plenty of towers — in fact, it has a jaw-dropping 171,000 communications sites located around the globe. Around 40,000 of those are in the U.S. And the rest are primarily in india and south america.

The company is driving consistent 16-17% annualized growth across a variety of metrics including cash flow, EBITDA and revenues. It’s pushing close to 20% annual dividend increases at the moment, making it an attractive mix of growth and income that anoxic brain injury survivors is in front of an inevitable wave of even more anoxic brain injury survivors data demand as 5G and the internet of things roll anoxic brain injury survivors out globally. As I mentioned, AMT stock has already run up a ton over the anoxic brain injury survivors past year, but this is one stock to invest in on any anoxic brain injury survivors potential corrections in coming months.