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This weekend, we headed to dragworld london – europe’s largest drag convention – to meet and chat to some of our favourite queens nanoxia deep silence 6 that have emerged from rupaul’s drag race. Keep reading to discover which important and inspiring life lessons nanoxia deep silence 6 we learnt from nine of the best drag artists in nanoxia deep silence 6 the game, including legendary queen latrice royale, current reigning all star trinity the tuck and internationally-acclaimed britney impersonator derrick barry… tatianna

Tatianna: I’m excited to be in london anytime, it’s one of my favourite cities. I got to do dragworld for the first time last nanoxia deep silence 6 year and just had so much fun, so I was super excited when they asked me to nanoxia deep silence 6 come back. I love just getting to meet everyone, not just the fans, but also the different vendors and queens. The fans are so polite here and everything runs so nanoxia deep silence 6 smoothly. I’m down to hug everyone, but everyone is so polite over here and asks ‘may I hug you’ – that’s what I’m here for!

Shea coulée: I just love this city. London was the first place I came to internationally from nanoxia deep silence 6 the US when I was like 19 and did a nanoxia deep silence 6 trip with some friends. The first gay bar that I went to was here nanoxia deep silence 6 actually, because in the US you have to be 21 to nanoxia deep silence 6 go to a bar. I’m so happy to be back, because I’ve made so many amazing friends in my travels here.

Nebraska: I’m having the best time, everyone just has really positive amazing energy. Everybody here is a fan of drag and it’s good to be around our people. London is very special to me, I’ve met some really incredible people here through performing in nanoxia deep silence 6 drag. One of the girls that I’ve met before actually got my face tattooed and she’s here today. It’s cool that I’m building this rapport with people and get to see nanoxia deep silence 6 them every time I come back.

Ginger minj: I’m always just excited to be in london. London is my home away from home and I’ve spent so much time here. I would live here if I could. I know you guys have your own issues, but we have so much going on in america that nanoxia deep silence 6 I’m happy just to leave that at the border and nanoxia deep silence 6 come over here and really reconnect with the people I’ve met here. Every single person that I have met at dragworld has nanoxia deep silence 6 become so close to me and I feel like I nanoxia deep silence 6 have a personal connection with the fans that I meet nanoxia deep silence 6 here, because I get to talk to every single person and nanoxia deep silence 6 the majority of the people that I meet here reach nanoxia deep silence 6 out to me on twitter or instagram and we continue nanoxia deep silence 6 relationships and conversations. It’s become this really fun family reunion every year.

Derrick barry: I always have the pillow from bed bath & beyond that you put between your legs with me. It’s supposed to align your hips with memory foam but nanoxia deep silence 6 I fold that as a wedge and use that as nanoxia deep silence 6 a sleeping pillow for next to the window on a nanoxia deep silence 6 plane. If you don’t travel with pillows it’s the most uncomfortable thing, unless you’re flying first class which, let’s be real, most people aren’t. I actually always travel with a pillow I sit on, one that I put behind my back and one for nanoxia deep silence 6 my head. So three in total.

Blair st. Clair: that’s kind of trial and error at this point. The number one most important part of make-up to me is the moisturising routine. Skincare is the foundation of any look and will make nanoxia deep silence 6 it last and look the best it possibly can. If you cleanse your skin well, if you tone your skin even better and then make nanoxia deep silence 6 sure that the ph balance of your moisturiser is perfect nanoxia deep silence 6 for your skin, any make-up can look good and last. And it took a lot of make-up to look this good…

Derrick barry: I wanted to bring two very different drag looks to nanoxia deep silence 6 show that there isn’t just one style of drag that can be sexy. Yesterday I did an army look, because nebraska did her marine’s military look, and today we’re doing romy and michele’s high school reunion. I wanted to do two complete, extreme opposites that are both drag but one is generally nanoxia deep silence 6 considered more sexy I guess. To me they both are, so that’s what I want people to take away.

Latrice royale: what I’m getting a lot of is how much I’ve inspired people and that I’ve helped some of them get out of a deep nanoxia deep silence 6 depression, their darkest times and they’ve overcome so much and feel good about their bodies nanoxia deep silence 6 that they’re in now. That’s just what it’s about. Celebrating who you are and loving who you are and nanoxia deep silence 6 drag does that for people. For them to take that away and be connected to nanoxia deep silence 6 me from that point is just amazing.

Derrick barry: when I was on america’s got talent, I was so thankful for the girl that booked our nanoxia deep silence 6 travels and I kept thanking her over and over again. Then she said ‘you need to start thanking yourself because you showed up’. Those two words ‘showed up’ just completely infiltrated into my life. I’m already that person that’ll say yes to anything but to have someone say nanoxia deep silence 6 ‘this happened because you showed up’ changed everything for me.

Latrice royale: as soon I feel like I get monotonous in my nanoxia deep silence 6 career and I feel like I’m just doing the same thing, it’s time to feed my artistic side and do something nanoxia deep silence 6 different. I’m excited about that because 2020 I have some very nanoxia deep silence 6 adventurous moves coming up and exciting things happening. If you don’t take risks, you don’t move on and that’s part of the evolution of drag and of what nanoxia deep silence 6 I do.

Blair st. Clair: there’s two things I’ve learnt. The first would be stop and take breaks and the nanoxia deep silence 6 second part is to celebrate yourself. There are many times when I wake up and think nanoxia deep silence 6 ‘oh but I want to be there right now’ but I’m grateful for where I’ve come from and where I am today. Many times I forget that, but it’s important to always remember how far you’ve come.

Tatianna: do it because you love it. You’re very lucky if you find a profession that you nanoxia deep silence 6 get paid for but you also love. A lot of people work because they have to. I know I’m very lucky that I get to be a drag nanoxia deep silence 6 queen, which means doing make-up and hair and performing. When you find that passion, really hone in on that and be really good at nanoxia deep silence 6 what you do – whether you make the income or not.

Trinity the tuck: be you. Try whatever you want to do with your art, it’s your art. Don’t do what you think other people want you to nanoxia deep silence 6 do. You should try many different things, invest in your craft, get yourself a couple of wigs a couple of costumes nanoxia deep silence 6 and heels and practise. Also, don’t pass up any opportunities to get experience and exposure. Blair st. Clair

Tatianna: oh I have so many. I have to decipher all the ones that I want nanoxia deep silence 6 to judge myself on publicly… you know what, have you seen that meme about the walmart boy with nanoxia deep silence 6 the cowboy hat? He released a song called ‘twang’ and I heard it in a video on facebook and nanoxia deep silence 6 thought it was kind of a banger. I downloaded it and gave him $1,29 of my money and I don’t even like country music like that.

Ginger minj: I don’t embarrass easily. If it’s there and I paid for it I’m proud of it. I do have ‘baby shark’ on there though… that’s because I love putting together conceptual shows of silly nanoxia deep silence 6 and stupid things for hamburger mary’s in orlando where I’m from. We did a villains show, which was a tribute to universal studios, and I did a whole jaws number. How could I have done a jaws number without putting nanoxia deep silence 6 ‘baby shark’ in it! Also, it’s the karaoke version of ‘baby shark’, so I had to learn the words and sing them… that’s kind of embarrassing now that I’m talking about it…