7 Home anxiety test selling tips for seniors seniorly

Should you sell? Before putting your home on the market, get tax and financial advice. If you sell at a loss, you might not be able to deduct the loss from anxiety test pdf income taxes. In general, when you sell for a gain, you can exclude a specified amount of the gain on anxiety test pdf your return. Tax rules can be somewhat tricky when it comes to anxiety test pdf homes, so consider getting an opinion from an additional professional if anxiety test pdf the original advice you receive seems murky. To estimate how much you’ll net, also consider transactional fees. These vary per locale but are costs such as escrow anxiety test pdf fees, transfer taxes, commissions, and inspection fees. Lastly, estimate your future financial needs as closely as possible. With all of this in mind, you can make the best selling decision in light of anxiety test pdf your estimated circumstances. Create a timeline

It’s a bridge between leaving your current home and the anxiety test pdf one where you’ll spend your upcoming retirement years. The best timeline shows major transition milestones with realistic flexibility anxiety test pdf built into the dates. To stay organized, keep your timeline in a special folder along with all anxiety test pdf your notes, lists, and contact information related to the sale of your home. Reviewing it regularly even before you list your home should anxiety test pdf alert you to any potential pitfalls and signal when to anxiety test pdf ask for help from friends or family. Hire the right real estate professional

Advice abounds on how to find this person. Some seniors prefer to rely on the real estate agent anxiety test pdf who has sold the most properties in their neighborhood. Others seek those most often recommended by friends. Some communities have agents who specialize in working with seniors. Whichever approach you prefer, be sure to interview at least several agents. The right professional will ask questions about your future goals. He or she will provide a realistic listing price and anxiety test pdf answer all your questions promptly before asking you to sign anxiety test pdf a listing agreement. Sort and declutter

Downsizing a home or moving cross-country ignites the need to deal with a lifetime of anxiety test pdf possessions. Using a timeline makes the process of selling, donating, discarding, or storing less daunting. Examining a floor plan of your next residence will show anxiety test pdf you how much furniture you can fit into it. Before opening your doors to prospective buyers, keep in mind that you’re showing your home, not your possessions. Since potential buyers will attempt to picture their possessions, not yours, in the house, put excess items in storage or ask a friend to anxiety test pdf stash them. Now is the perfect time to pass that antique armoire anxiety test pdf to a family member if there’s no room for it in your new home. Many seniors find it easiest to start on the outside anxiety test pdf and remove yard debris and distracting décor. Inside, systematically go through each room, closet, and other storage area and mark it off your timeline anxiety test pdf as you finish. Using stickers in different colors for donating, gifting, storing, and keeping makes the process go much more quickly. Sticking to a specific time to declutter each day helps anxiety test pdf prevent getting sidetracked or overwhelmed. Repair and refresh

Now’s the time to repair dripping faucets and sticking doors. Since buyers prefer homes in move-in condition, consider replacing that aging water heater and stained carpet. Consider painting walls that don’t look as good as they used to. Trim unruly shrubs and perform a residential facelift with power anxiety test pdf washing or painting. Since you’ll want to maintain this “buy me” look, keep tools such as lawn mowers easily accessible. This is the perfect time to invite friends and neighbors anxiety test pdf to stop buy, wield a paintbrush, and enjoy fare from the grill while you reminisce. Let the pros pack and move

Professional movers are experts. Even if your moving to an assisted living near you, put a lid on anxiety by letting them pack and anxiety test pdf move the items headed for your new home. The process will be faster than a do-it-yourself move and will probably result in less damage. Be sure to pack enough essentials for your first day anxiety test pdf or so in your new digs. Take clothes, dishes, linens, a flashlight, and a first-aid kit with you to lower the stress level upon anxiety test pdf arrival. Be patient

The process of listing, showing, and closing on a residence you want to sell can anxiety test pdf be difficult and time-consuming, particularly for seniors who have spent decades in their homes. Be patient with yourself and those helping you. Keep in mind that your goal is simplifying your life. It’s moving day. Your last box is headed up the ramp of the anxiety test pdf moving van. You’ve sold your home with a lot less stress than anxiety test pdf you envisioned. Be sure to give yourself several pats on the back, then take the rest of the day off.