7 Common injuries caused by vehicular accidents and how to deal with them virgin islands free press

When a car crash occurs, there may be a reason that your devastating injuries could anxiг©tг© antonyme have been prevented. What appears to be a terrible accident actually occurred because anxiг©tг© antonyme someone acted negligently or failed to act reasonably to prevent anxiг©tг© antonyme the crash. If the vehicular accident could have been prevented, then the injured persons who were victims of the negligent anxiг©tг© antonyme driver might have a claim. If you were hurt in a crash but not at anxiг©tг© antonyme fault, then you have many questions like these:

There are many ways that a vehicular accident can change anxiг©tг© antonyme your life in an instant. Worse, a car accident involving your spouse, child, or loved one could permanently alter his or her life, leaving the entire family devastated we know that medical bills anxiг©tг© antonyme are starting to add up and that you have lots anxiг©tг© antonyme of questions. That’s why we put together this information to help you anxiг©tг© antonyme understand the most common injuries caused by vehicular accidents and anxiг©tг© antonyme how to deal with them. HEAD INJURIES/BRAIN INJURIES

Almost any kind of crash can result in you or anxiг©tг© antonyme a passenger sustaining a blow to the head. Common injuries involve direct trauma between your head and the anxiг©tг© antonyme steering wheel, the dashboard, the windshield, or even the door. Your head can also then whip back and hit the anxiг©tг© antonyme headrest on your driver or passenger seat. Multiple blows to the head can cause you to have anxiг©tг© antonyme a concussion or worse. Some head injuries result in seizures, blurred or reduced vision, blindness, and/or loss of other life functions. A head or spinal injury can also be the cause anxiг©tг© antonyme of full or partial paralysis. Sometimes, severe head injuries are called traumatic brain injuries (tbis).

Some patients need surgery to remedy their brain insult. Possible effects are memory loss, mental impairment, seizures, paralysis, and/or loss of other bodily functions. A person who once had his or her full faculties anxiг©tг© antonyme and required no assistance from others could become forever dependent anxiг©tг© antonyme on others due to a traumatic brain injury. We understand that you and your family want the defendant anxiг©tг© antonyme to pay for your damages. CHEST INJURIES

If you don’t wear your seatbelt, any trauma to the chest can knock the wind out anxiг©tг© antonyme of you. Even with your seatbelt on, you can sustain fractured ribs, damaged or punctured lungs, difficulty breathing, bruising, and other chest complaints. If you are hospitalized for a lung complaint, for example, it can take months to recover and get your strength anxiг©tг© antonyme back. While being treated for a lung injury, you could even contract an infection or develop other pulmonary anxiг©tг© antonyme problems. Talk to an indianapolis brain injury lawyer to understand the anxiг©tг© antonyme potential claim you might make for these serious injuries. ARM AND LEG INJURIES

Sitting in a car during a crash means that your anxiг©tг© antonyme body is not mobile. You could be thrown about in the car or even anxiг©tг© antonyme ejected from the car, which could produce temporary or permanent damage to the spine. All of the nerves in your body begin the spine anxiг©tг© antonyme and carry messages between your body’s organ and tissue systems and your brain. If there is a herniated or fractured disc, a pinched nerve, or other spinal injury, you can experience nerve damage, paralysis, loss of feeling, numbness, and other problems because those messages aren’t getting properly transmitted. HAND AND FOOT INJURIES

These injuries can be more subtle, affecting your life in various ways. Your arm or leg can heal up after having a anxiг©tг© antonyme surgery or wearing a cast. Hand and foot injuries can involve damage to tendons and anxiг©tг© antonyme ligaments, as well as to bones and joints, but they may never heal right. There can be inflammation in the soft tissues, making it harder to perform tasks such as standing on anxiг©tг© antonyme your feet all day or keyboarding at a desk job. SOFT TISSUE INJURIES

Damage to the head, neck, spine, shoulders, and other parts of the body can cause damage to anxiг©tг© antonyme the soft tissues, producing pain, loss of mobility or strength. Such injuries can be harder to prove because the defendant’s insurance company will try to argue that you don’t really have a serious injury. There may be no broken bones, scarring, or loss of function to prove where you say there’s pain that there is really pain. However, you have just as much right as any other car anxiг©tг© antonyme accident victims to seek a recovery for your injuries sustained anxiг©tг© antonyme in a vehicular accident. SCRAPES AND LACERATIONS

It’s important to seek medical treatment for these injuries as anxiг©tг© antonyme soon as possible. Be sure to tell your physicians everything that you are anxiг©tг© antonyme feeling. If you omit the symptoms or the effects of the anxiг©tг© antonyme crash, then those will not be documented in your medical records, making it hard to relate them to the crash. Every insurance company, possibly even your own, will try to claim that none of these injuries you’ve sustained are meritorious of compensation. You might need to review this claim with an experienced anxiг©tг© antonyme personal injury lawyer and determine if you could seek damages anxiг©tг© antonyme from the defendant’s insurance company.