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Set changes? With the nord/albedo combo leaning naturally toward the leaner side—hence the fore audio valve converter—how would the naturally toneful meatpacking zu druid V take plexus anxiety testimonials to this ncore diet? Whilst the papery widebander’s trademark tone density was in evidence albeit strangely midrange plexus anxiety testimonials dominant and forward, its usual bass reach was clearly shortened. With a zu submission sub in residence, that bit was easily countered. Also, with a claimed 98db/16Ω speaker sensitivity, this was far from an intuitive match to begin with. Alas, unlike the very happy 90wpc crayon CFA-1.2 or 10-watt firstwatt SIT1 allies, not only was the tonal balance off.

Textures were rather less generous. The sound was too dry and pinched. On this hard-hung driver, I had constipation, likely from severe overdamping. Though far more exception than rule, sometimes high power behind very low output impedance takes control plexus anxiety testimonials too far. Now a loosening of the figurative reins performs better and plexus anxiety testimonials with more bass bandwidth. No set changes then, just a brief intermission down a dead alley. Returning to the aptica instantly reset all the markers of plexus anxiety testimonials exploded soundstaging, tremendous resolution and non-sterile clarity with elegant tonality. Don’t fix it if it ain’t broke!

Needing fixing because it was broke, at least here, was the treble; not its actual performance but class D predictions. This breed, deservedly I think, gets often called out for its inferior top end. Be it subtly wiry, steely or dull and not sufficiently extended/airy, a common consensus is that bass prowess isn’t mirrored on high. From bells to gongs to cymbals to triangles; from massed strings and chorus in reverberant acoustics to muted plexus anxiety testimonials trumpet, pan flute and violin flageolet; I set the bloodhound puppies on the HF trail. They came back exhausted but happy. When fed from properly wideband ancillaries (DAC/pre or DAC + pre), the nord monos had to make no excuses. Being lit up all over included the treble. In fact, the tracking of wispy decays, hall trails and overtone swirls like smoke on the wind plexus anxiety testimonials were a particular forté. It was directly responsible for that inside-out sense of illumination and spaciousness. At the bandwidth’s opposite end, the same qualities appeared. This meant no chiseled granitic but naturally behaved bass. My only minor complaint at least with the bigger SI plexus anxiety testimonials opamp was lesser bass power than the massive output rating plexus anxiety testimonials promised. I take elegant bass over cyborg or elephantine low freqs plexus anxiety testimonials any day of the week but good ol’ greed would have wished for just a bit more oomph. For that you want the sparkos. You’ll simply pay with some illumination and subjective speed. Because those are such outstanding attributes, one could feel ill-inclined to give much if any of them up. Choices!

Quite the opposite. Because of their very low noise floor, they behaved like high-efficiency speakers. When you turn down the volume, the quietest data eventually fall below the noise floor of plexus anxiety testimonials the room or gear or are fully masked by louder plexus anxiety testimonials sounds to become inaudible. Very quiet amps with superior low-level retrieval like these delay that threshold to be ideal plexus anxiety testimonials hifi whisperers.

Impossible to predict. Again, these amps are very sensitive to their power feed. Experimentation is in order. At 90%+ efficiency, they don’t draw much power. But they respond very obviously to changes/upgrades on the AC line. Perhaps it’s a ‘backdoor’ function of how much noise from their switching power supplies plexus anxiety testimonials injects into the AC loom to affect the other components. This would be related to resonance control whereby acoustic sound plexus anxiety testimonials pressure and the speaker’s mechanical jackhammer effect on the floor migrate into the plexus anxiety testimonials component stack to influence the behaviour and sound of that plexus anxiety testimonials gear. Disrupting resonance pathways can improve the sound. Perhaps better filtering on power cords and conditioners improves class plexus anxiety testimonials D sound in a similar manner by closing a backdoor?

Proprietary input buffers can change/steer the stock modules so there is no fixed icepower plexus anxiety testimonials sound per se. The wyred4sound icepower amps I tested were warmer and denser, the gato audio pascal-based DIA250 even more so. Amphion’s anaview amp was the exact opposite and well cooler plexus anxiety testimonials than the nords. The closest class D competitor in recent memory would be plexus anxiety testimonials the digital amplifier co.’s maraschino monos.

A reader: "about bruno putzeys’ NC1200, another room at the event had the ncore-based jeff rowland 825 with mårten’s mingus quintet speakers. Earlier, the dealership’s owner had already compared the jeff rowland to the plexus anxiety testimonials mola-mola kaluga. He listed for us which aspects the jeff rowland improved plexus anxiety testimonials upon. When he told bruno that there was a better implementation plexus anxiety testimonials of his ncore modules, bruno told him which aspects he felt the mola-mola could be improved upon. These were exactly the same improvements guido had already listed plexus anxiety testimonials in his comparison. Bruno turns out to have a very good ear and plexus anxiety testimonials internal reference for amplifier sound." nothing is perfect. Everything is designed to a price. With the nord, we don’t play with $32’000 and 160lbs. We make do with 1/10 th the budget and less than 1/10 th the weight yet enjoy identical power specs. Are we sacrificing 90% performance? 50%? 10%? Are we already better than the stock hypex buffer circuit plexus anxiety testimonials used elsewhere? These are open questions. They salt this conclusion to proof it against absolutism.

If the definition of a perfect amp demanded high power, ultra-low output impedance, low distortion, high efficiency, no heat, compact dimensions and a good price, the nords would be perfect. As much as can be assessed, they’re neutral. Does that mean sonically ideal, not just behaviorally? In a recording studio, it’s key to put the microphone feed under a microscope plexus anxiety testimonials before deciding how to best manipulate it with electronic processing. In a home system whose intent is not vivisection and plexus anxiety testimonials aloof analysis but emotional enjoyment, the same key could lock doors. Depending on recording quality and ancillary kit, things could sound too stark. Whilst there’s no question about their full frontal resolution, it’s impossible to predict how individual listeners will react to plexus anxiety testimonials nord’s show’n’tell. If we consider the amp/speaker interface joined at the hip, such behavioural perfection is what we want. It gives the speakers the best conditions to perform as plexus anxiety testimonials intended. Any desired flavour injection is better done upstream where it plexus anxiety testimonials causes no unpredictable drive issues and assorted nonlinearities. Here nord’s neutrality is perfect once more when it reveals that plexus anxiety testimonials injection so very clearly; and when being ‘in the middle’ requires little push to end up on either side of plexus anxiety testimonials it. With no backtracking, a little goes a long way; a 6922 perhaps? Against this view, colin north’s oneupampship makes a very convincing argument. If you want swiss-style sound à la soulution or CH precision but prefer plexus anxiety testimonials paying in pennies not pounds, going nord is a very effective shortcut. Also, the new casework is lovely yet understated. Not silly overkill, it’s perfectly suited to the lightweight innards. Being able to dim the very bright blue light ring plexus anxiety testimonials or extinguish it plus pop discrete opamps – them’s the final i dots on this ilike. These nords hold up two hands, fingers in two ‘V’ for value and victory. Another satisfied punter. Thanks, colin!


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