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No, we’re not talking about the kind of stress you get when you have a big exam, or lots of projects to finish, or a huge presentation at work? We’re referring to the kind of stress that doesn’t seem to go away. diffuse axonal brain injury prognosis Stress manifests itself in different ways: mentally, physically, emotionally. nanoxia deep silence 4 mini tower But if the stress, and the symptoms of stress, persists, then it’s time to consider seeing someone to help.

Like most things, there comes a breaking point, and if your stress is impacting your ability to relax, even when you typically could, then it’s definitely time to make an appointment with a therapist or counselor and have the conversation about managing this. 2

Most of the same signs that your stress may need some assistance also can apply for your anxiety.

Except, with anxiety, extreme levels of anxiety can indicate a greater problem, like an anxiety disorder, that may need therapy or even medication. anxiety attack Depression follows suit.

If you find that your sadness is interrupting your regular life and patterns, it might be a good idea to see a therapist for an evaluation. anoxic brain injury survivor stories If you’ve felt sad or anxious for weeks or months, especially to the point where you notice the negative impact on your life, make an appointment with a mental health counselor or therapist and start the conversation. 3

Yes, while experimentation and rebelling are a part of life, there’s a fine line that suffering with a mental health problem may help you to cross without even realizing it. nanoxia project s midi After a stressful week, no one is judging you for going out, letting off some steam and relaxing. But if this behaviour begins to put you or others in danger, then it’s time to see a professional.

While there’s nothing wrong with being a little wild, if you find yourself over-indulging in alcohol and/or drugs regularly, making risky sexual choices or experiencing thoughts of harming yourself or others, these are all indicators that you might need some help. 4

While there’s a huge taboo surrounding mental health, it’s absolutely normal, and there is nothing wrong with you if you’re experiencing it. anoxia neonatal causas That being said, if you’ve experienced a mental health problem in the past, and you’ve seen a therapist or even been medicated to help deal with it, and you find that signs and symptoms of the problem are returning, that’s okay too.

We know that, especially if you thought you’d handled the situation, having something like this return can be frustrating, but your mental health is too important to brush aside, and as we grow up and our situations change, new things might trigger our seemingly-resolved issues. 5

You ever feel like you just need to talk to someone? Or maybe you have this deep-down subconscious feeling that something’s off and you should reach out for help? Well, if you ever feel an inkling of these things, the answer is simple: get help! Ignore what people might think or say, ignore what you thought going to a therapist means, ignore being embarrassed or ashamed.

If you had the cold or a broken arm, you’d never hesitate to see a doctor, so why are you ignoring the fact that your brain is feeling not-so-great at the moment? So if you feel like you’re ready to see someone, reach out and open up, because trust us, it helps!