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Happy Halloween, Patrons! And what better way to celebrate the climax of the spooptacular season than with a Christmas fic! A Christmas fic based on Nightmare on Elm Street. Now, Halloween and Christmas have been demonstrably shown to work together in the right setting, so it’s not doomed right out of the gate.

Well, back in 2003 not all of this would have been easily visible from within the story itself. FF.net used to be a UI nightmare in a lot of ways.

It’s still antiquated, for sure, but it’s loads better than it was fifteen years ago. anoxia anoxica That’s why headers are a lot more common in old fics like this. Still unnecessary, certainly, but more understandable than anything written after they did their site redesign.

That is… not a great simile. The main issue is that it’s half-formed. nanoxia deep silence 2 window I know that you were trying to liken Jim to something floating in a river, but instead you just likened Jim to pocket lint or a candy wrapper since you forgot to actually make the water parallelism.

Which, if the writing were clever, would be something laudable. Having a thirteen-year-old’s struggle with his own sexuality be reflected in how he views Santa Claus could be an interesting approach. Unfortunately you’re going to find a dearth of clever writing in a Freddy Krueger Christmas fic.

Oof, I don’t think I’d have tried for that. Personally I would have just made a gentleman’s agreement with Santa for a handshake and a loose sidehug for the picture. Hell, with as much shit as the average mall Santa puts up with, he’d probably have welcomed the change in pace.

Yeah, Jimmy’s obnoxious edgelord attitude was intended! Still, you shouldn’t need to tell the audience flat out like that for them to understand what you’re trying to do. Having a more neutral point of narrative reference really helps establish your characterization better. Even so, your intent to make Jim an unlikable bundle of teenage asshattery was successful; I hated him nearly as soon as he appeared in the fic and cannot wait for him to meet his untimely demise. So, here, redemption cookie for you.


The clawed hand wrapped its fingers around the pudgy face of the kid, pouting out his lips. The sharp blades slicing into the still smooth face, drawing little trickles of blood. anxiety disorder meaning in telugu The demon flashed a wicked smile of gnawed teeth to match the child’s quivering mouth for the unseen camera to take their picture.

“Happy Holidays!” to accent the point Freddy drove the four blades deep into the prepubescent belly of the child sitting on his lap. diffuse anoxic brain injury With quick twitching, both of the fingers and of the boy, poor little Jimmy died. Not so much as a final death cry from the forever twelve year old.

It still manages to be extremely anticlimactic. The setup was good, but the actual killing was disappointingly straight forward. Definitely lost a bunch of style points for just shanking the kid rather than suffocating him with presents or having him eaten by a zombie Santa or something. Morbid or not, even slasher flick usually aspire to more interesting death than: ‘Ha ha I taunt you, oh now it’s time for stabby!’

Wiping the child’s gore onto the leg of his already filthy pants the Springwood Slasher strolled over the antique looking camera, pulling a photograph from the back of the machine. The boy’s scared little face and his own pleased smile stared back at him from the glossy paper.