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I don’t know much about Merrimack, except that they didn’t lose anybody to graduation after last season, and they’re a fairly new program. anoxic brain injury prognosis They have 11 seniors this season. It sounds like where Penn State was a few seasons ago. If you have a read on Merrimack, feel free to jump in and share it – I’d love to have an idea of what Penn State will face this weekend.Merrimack have come at the bottom of Hockey East since they joined, but that’s because especially last year the worst teams in Hockey East were really pretty good. Mack have three elite skaters in Katelyn Rae, Mikyla Grant-Mentis, and Paige Voight, and two elite goalies in Samantha Ridgewell and Lea-Christine Demers. Those five would make any team better.

The rest of the team is a bit low on speed which gives teams with high breakaway potential a lot of opportunities to score on them. Hard working team, very good to watch, not to be taken lightly, but if Penn State are the team we saw last weekend I expect them to take both games.

In game one against Merrimack, Penn State just got outhustled. There was individual effort there, but no line chemistry at all. It looked like a game one of the season rather than game three, as lines just didn’t look dialed-in. hypoxic brain injury recovery time Passes were off, decisions took a tick too long, things like that. My guess is that last week’s nine-player suspension to open the season threw things out of sync, despite how well the other 12 players did at Colgate.

Game two was much of the same, with a lot of individual effort, but plays just looked half a step off. Merrimack was quick to the puck and very determined along the boards, and the smothering defense that Penn State showed against Colgate last weekend wasn’t there against Merrimack. Give credit to Merrimack, though – they came to play, and played like they had nothing to lose. It was kind of fun to see all the energy on their bench, too. hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy in adults ppt It was a very good showing from a young program.

Penn State is loaded with talent this season, so having an off series this early isn’t really a big concern, all things considered. In the exhibition game against Ryerson, they were firing on all cylinders and everything looked ready to go. psychology today anxiety test Last week’s Colgate series with a 12-player roster opened some eyes as to what this team can do. This weekend’s Merrimack series was like starting the season over, and I expect that Jeff Kampersal and his staff will iron things out in a hurry so players get settled back into their roles.

Individually, junior Brooke Madsen and sophomore Natalie Heising are both really on their games, to nobody’s surprise. Madsen is fast, she’s a playmaker, a relentless forechecker, and just makes everyone around her a better player. Heising is always on her game, always gets herself in the best positions to shoot, and doesn’t have an "off" switch – they’re both a lot of fun to watch. Sophomore Katie Rankin works her tail off and looks anxious to step her game up another notch after an already good freshman season. She’s a workhorse, has a rocket of a shot, and does good work in the faceoff circle. Those are my own top three players, but Kampersal has a lot of talent to work with this season.