15 Tips for surviving — and enjoying — the holidays with tbi brainline nanoxia project s

Flashing lights. Crowded stores. Loud family gatherings. The holiday season should be joyful, but it can often be overwhelming to someone who is living with traumatic brain injury.

If you are living with TBI, share these tips with your friends and family. If someone you love is living with TBI, the tips below can help you plan in advance to make the holiday season happier and more relaxed for all of your friends and family.

These great ideas came from members of brainline’s wonderful online community.

• identify — in advance, if possible — a quiet place to go at gatherings if you are feeling overwhelmed.

This gives you a chance to take a break, and lets your loved ones stay involved in the festivities.Nanoxia project s

• avoid crowded stores and order gifts online instead.

• if you are shopping in stores, remember to make a list in advance and plan your trips on week days — either early in the morning or late at night when there are fewer crowds.

• wear a cap with a brim or lightly tinted sunglasses to minimize the glare of bright lights in stores or flashing lights on a tree.

• wear noise-reducing headphones or ear buds. These are also great gift ideas for loved ones with TBI if they don’t already have them.

• ask a friend to go with you to stores or holiday parties. They can help you navigate crowds and anxiety-producing situations.

• plan in advance as much as possible. And ask your hosts what their plans are so you aren’t surprised by anything.Nanoxia project s

• volunteer to help with the holiday activities that you enjoy the most and are least stressful for you.

• remember to ask for help and accept help if it is offered to you.

• ask someone you trust to help you with a budget to avoid overspending on gifts.

• take a nap if you need a break.

• remember that it’s okay to skip the big parties and plan to celebrate in a way that makes you comfortable and happy.

• check in advance to see if fireworks are part of outdoor celebrations — and skip them if they make you uncomfortable.

• if flashing lights bother you, ask your friends and family to turn off the flashing feature on christmas tree lights or other decorations when you visit their homes.

• you can let your host know in advance that you may need to leave early.Nanoxia project s it will help you feel comfortable if you need to get home or to a quiet place and it can also help avoid any hurt feelings.

I recommend NOT going to a giant festival of fantasy christmas lights to watch a very long loud extravagant christmas parade complete with bagpipes. With your landlord. Who used to be your friend 🙁 before the parade even began I knew I shouldn’t have gone. It felt like I took a handful of acid and it was extremely euphoric at first and I couldn’t stop talking (even though I wanted to) and unfortunately I thought oh this could be a lot of fun and I need to try harder so I’m going to do this. Two hours later I was crying, lost (I’ve lived here for 15 years), frantically walking in nowhere land, hiding near tree line in the dark, no phone on me, no idea which direction to walk or where I would find a building or someone to help me.Nanoxia project s I couldn’t see. Everything was blurry like it was so bright it was blinding me and there is only a street light every quarter mile on these roads leading away from town center park out in the middle of nowhere. Well, skip ahead to taking 3 days to recover. All the windows blacked out in the whole house with blankets and comforters. My darkest sunglasses on even though there are only night lights and candle lights and my ears ringing so loud I want to scream and rip my brain out. The worst night was also the same night the finale of the walking dead was on and I couldn’t even watch that. LOL. I tried watching the TV with my sunglasses on and subtitles and it just didn’t work. It sucked. I couldn’t read and I was really manic and I couldn’t do anything in the damn dark.Nanoxia project s I couldn’t even take my poor dog outside until it was dark out and it was a full moon so I had to wear my sunglasses for that too. When I saw my doctor on the third day I shouldn’t have been driving. I was wondering why everyone was going the wrong way and it was me that was going the wrong way. Blood pressure sky high, pupils like saucers, they had to keep the lights off in the room. I had to wear sunglasses because of her laptop screen. That was the other thing, I couldn’t get online to kill time or look at my phone. Anyway, after christmas, I think I’m going to go to the fantasy lights again because now I panic at the thought of a park. I really do like it most of the year and I wanted to desensitize myself as quickly as possible, cry if I need to, get over feeling humiliated at the fact that she called it a temper tantrum in a text that she sent me later that night.Nanoxia project s she obviously didn’t remember my phone was plugged into her charger in her car and she had it. There won’t be a parade, there won’t be a lot of crowds, it’ll just be the lights. Does anyone (that got this far reading this LOL) think that’s a good idea or a bad idea? I voice texted this so I’m sorry if I lost track of some autocorrect errors I should have fixed.

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My wife suffered a traumatic brain injury in an automobile accident in 1998. She recovered for a few years relearning how to cook,or do the simple things in life,like take a shower or put makeup on she went from a college education to a 5th grade level when tested. She learned to keep a memory notebook because the damage impacted her short term memory.Nanoxia project s and for about 13 years life was really good for someone with a TBI. Recently it has gotten worse. Firecrackers, lightening,or thunder really set her off. Noisy settings, trying to work, all shut her down for a few days to recover. Her speech gets slurry,sometimes she stutters with it.

The hardest part is seeing the person you love struggle with what seems like an easy task,and it wipes them out physically and emotionally. Sadly most doctors/neurologist do not understand the brain nearly well enough so the classic label is well you need to learn how to deal with stress and let’s get you in to see a neuropsychological doctor. We have been told she has seizures, we have been told they are not seizures,the frontal lobe has scarring or white matter lesions the span through the entire frontal lobe (top to bottom) a little smaller than the size of a pencil on both sides.Nanoxia project s she has migraines approximately 20-25- days a month. They have recently started botox injections for the migraines because nothing else has worked for them.

If anyone knows of a good neurologist that has helped with anything similar to this please let me know.



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